Facebook changes the logon account of a user

Facebook has introduced changes in the screen of login and account recovery seeking to simplify the process with a system of auto-complete information, focusing on countries in Latin america, Asia and Africa, which presents it as optional, and does not require the user to share their phone number.The company understands that not all countries used the same way, the access to its platform through an e-mail, given that there are places in the world where users don’t even have one, being more usual access via the phone number.It is, in addition to countries where, given the limitations of the network, it is common to have several SIM cards, which complicates the identification of the SIM primary login on the account of Facebook.For this reason, the technology company has partnered with operators of mobile service of Latin america, Asia, and Africa to offer a new system startup and recovery account. Thus, when the user go to log out you will see a new screen that asks if you want to save your data access.The collaboration with the operators seek that the login process to work correctly “regardless of the type of network or device that the person is wearing”, explain from Facebook in a statement.In addition, and to avoid errors when typing the numbers, the company has introduced the option of auto-fill information for the record, the login and account recovery. To develop this function with the service operators, and not just browsers, “makes this capability available to more people on more devices”, ensure.However, it is new optional, as indicated from the company, so that also the user is asked whether he wants to or not save your phone number. If you choose not to use these new options, Facebook states that “we will not receive your number from the mobile network to auto-fill the form”.
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Facebook changes the logon account of a user
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December 10, 2019

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