Facebook wants you to call more through Messenger

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long ago that the Messenger app for Android lets you make calls via VoIP, and almost a year that works well en format video call. But it should not be sufficient to Facebook because one of the versions of test A / B that has reached some users sent this option prominently.

The war centralize everyday use of smartphones has brought Messenger many changes in recent months , starting with the nuevo design along the lines Material Design and ending with the introduction of sencillos mini-games to liven up the free time as basketball and chess, through utilities such as la multiaccounting


In this version of Messenger, button to make calls passed to a priority position in the action bar the top of the app, the same level as the flange of messages or contacts. In fact, once within that section a list with the last people with whom he has spoken almost identically to the previous one.

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in this way, the user is present at all times the possibility of making calls and who speaks , as occurs in other apps like WhatsApp voice communication. First, however, it was necessary first to access specific profile of the person with whom you want to talk to and then find the call button or video call.

In the last two months, Facebook has gotten more news to their Android applications for social networking and communication throughout the last half of 2015. A strong push that conveys a sense of actuality and improvement but not all changes are profound and productive. And just when about to start putting advertising within Messenger. They are serious about this business

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Facebook wants you to call more through Messenger
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March 31, 2016

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