Fake news: it is a hoax that you can use cards that have expired to defraud in e-commerce platforms

In recent months has expanded the hoax that may use your bank card expired to off badly on some platforms, e-commerce, as, for example, in Amazon.

it Is said that, as in these portals normally you have already entered data of the card, when it expires the ‘cacos’ of Internet can continue to use without that you can keep up: in the indications of shipping, put a comment to be able to intercept the package arrives to the delivery address and ready.

first, currently the electronic commerce is usually subject to high safety standards and this strategy seems a little ‘martian’.

But, in addition, it can be done this kind of scam is a lie by something very simple: “The bank cards possess different features and security measures for Internet shopping that make it unique and one of them is, precisely, the expiry date; as its name indicates,

when you reach that date the card is cancelled both for the payment in physical stores as online”.

So what explains the director of cyber-security and Digital Solutions Mastercard, Alberto Lopez, who insists that, even if the e-commerce where you make your purchase online don’t asked you to fill out the data of the expiration date of your card -as with Amazon-if this has expired will no longer be valid. Without more options.

In the first place, the cyber security expert clarified that the user does not have to worry about “doing nothing” if your card is about to expire. “The issuing bank will contact you to upgrade your card and get the new”, he says.

And, in terms of the purchases using the bank card, your tips follow the “standard recommendations of any purchase by the Internet”:

“In any case, the arrival of the PSD2 the market of the european economy is going to add an extra degree of security by requiring an authentication enhanced client in some of the purchases that are made currently by the Internet”, concludes the director of Cybersecurity and Digital Solutions Mastercard.

In case you are the victim of a fraudulent use, you are protected by the Law on Payment Services, which limits the liability of the holder:

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Fake news: it is a hoax that you can use cards that have expired to defraud in e-commerce platforms
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March 21, 2020

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