Family Link is now available in Spain, it comes with parental control remote Google

Family Link

a little over a year, Google launched a new application within their increasingly extensive ecosystem of apps themselves. It tried to Family Link, a parental control remote so that the parents could moderate the use of mobile phones for their young children. In the case of the united States, the application stated a maximum age of child 13 years of age in order to be used.

little by Little, the Family Link was expanding to other territories, but until now was only present in 10 countries in addition to the united States where it was launched. Now Google has decided to take a big step and launches Family Link to 27 european countries including Spain, so that the app is already present in 38 territories in total.

In Spain, the maximum age is 16 years of age

Thanks to Family Link, parents can exert more control over the smartphones their small children. Among its features highlights, for example, that parents will receive a notification every time your child wants to download an app, and from your own phone, at a distance, you can authorize or deny the download.

it is Also possible to control how long you have been using the phone, or detailed reports of each of the apps. More assistance for parents who want their children to make more responsible use of the phone, and now you can also lock the phone remotely to prevent its use outside the schedule negotiated by the family.

As we said, Family Link is already available in Europe, in 27 countries, including Spain. Just download the app on two phones, in which you want to remotely control and monitor the usage, of the father or mother. In Spain, as data, the application only allows you to exercise this control if the child is under 16 years of age. There are different cases, like the 14 years of Austria, or 13 of Sweden or Denmark.

Here is the download link of Family Link which, remember, requires that both phones have Android as their operating system, although it has not established a system version well, as Google indicates in the own Play Store, “varies by device”.

Family Link

Family Link

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Family Link is now available in Spain, it comes with parental control remote Google
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May 22, 2018