‘Farewell, my son’ displays a monumental and bold portrait of China through a delicate drama

'farewell, my son' displays a monumental and bold portrait of China through a delicate drama

Xingxing look impassive on the horizon, as who retains a longing for liberation before the temptation of his best friend and almost-brother, Haohao, that pushes you to play in the river with the other children. Do not know how to swim, he says. In response to the resistance of Xingxing, Haohao is released with the others, in replica of the group, while his friend watches in silence from the distance.

After this haven of peace, everything is triggered after suddenly, to the surprise of few characters with the guard down, can’t function as a metaphor of a China explosive that waits his moment and pounces and trample those who did not see it coming. The outbreak of a permanent developmentalism voracious, in some way to the couple predictable and sudden.

‘farewell, my son’ (‘Di jiu tian chang,’ or ‘So long, my son’ in the international market) of the veteran chinese director Wang Xiaoshuai, was presented to competition the past Berlin film Festival, where he received the silver Bear for its protagonists, and after being collected in the section of san sebastian of “Pearls” now comes to the Spanish cinemas. In it we follow it, through the years, the grief of a marriage laborer of middle age after the unexpected loss of his only son.

Narrated with an almost kaleidoscopic, the film makes use of the exploration of the concept of time to sorting out the human story that remains after a coup fulminant that escape all control. A concrete reality which influences the future daily life of the protagonists of this drama, in the same way that the political regime in chinese affects their citizens.

An action which works as a catalyst to develop a parallels with the China of the last decades, dividing the population between two attitudes to life: transformation of a chameleon or preservation and permanence.

From the personal to the social: ‘farewell, my son’ portrays the China of the last decades

in Addition another wonderful contribution of cinema in contemporary china, the History of world Cinema in terms of that particular story, the tape is a brilliant approach to the History of china recent.

In his exploration of temporal formal, Wang Xiaoshuai messes up his cards and spreads in a nonlinear way over the course of three hours of raw footage, avoiding to create associations easy action-reaction, and by encouraging a deeper reflection on the long-term effects of a regime-invasive that extends its influence to the private environment.

Forever My Son

Breaking the logic in a chronological order, the film-maker divests him to the viewer of this initial advantage with respect to their characters that, unlike us, do not yet know the future history that awaits them, putting us in some way at the same level of uncertainty and challenging us to seek answers. In this way, with the reconstruction of the story that would mark the life of this couple dummy, Wang invites us to also fit the pieces of the puzzle in social and political China in fierce economic expansion after decades of communism will of iron.

A scathing portrait of the radicalismos ideological good part of the population behind as well in the subtext of the film, putting in relief the contrariety of belonging strongly to a society that is driven and led by a discipline based on principles set in stone, but that it adapts and becomes so interested; in front of the poverty and the marginalization of not doing so. A sort of cul-de-sac in lights and shadows, Wang invites us to analyze them without prejudice.

‘farewell, my son’ is, in short, a bold review of the recent history of an entire generation that has had to adapt sharply to the evolution of a whimsical scheme and explains the arrival at the present time, always leaving the door open to the interpretation of the viewer.

A move of the round executed with the skill of a director who, through a story, seemingly innocent, is a creative way of approaching sensitive topics of national character with enough skill to maintain a sharp look and sharp, circumventing the requirements of the regime of ingenious way. is A master stroke that also exudes kindness and humanity.

Forever My Son

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‘Farewell, my son’ displays a monumental and bold portrait of China through a delicate drama
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September 27, 2019

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