Fargo 2 × 01: Ok Then

Fargo 2 x 01 : Ok Then

Great characters, great premises, preventable crimes and crimes absolutely necessary. Snow, ice, blood. Fargo.

Set 27 years before the first season, Lou Solverson, the coffee shop owner and father of the assistant Sherrif Molly Sorvenson, when it was still a single state police of Minnesota, and Molly is still a child

To give us an idea, the creators of the series defined the continuity of ‘Crime Story Midwest’ as well.

  • Chapter 1: ???
  • Chapter 2: Fargo, season 2
  • Chapter 3. ???
  • Chapter 4: Fargo, the movie 1996 .
  • Chapter 5: ???
  • Chapter 6: ???
  • Chapter 7: ???
  • Chapter 8: ???
  • Chapter 9: Fargo, season 1

From this point, spoilers relating to the episode

Das Familien

 Otto Gerhardt

Otto Gerhardt

Otto (Michael Hogan, Battlestar Galactica), the parent Gerhardt, controlling crime organized from his family home in the middle of nowhere near Fargo, he is aware that money business family when his wife missing Floyd. – His three sons Dodd, Bear, and Rye are likely to fight each other, while the date for passing the command on

After pressure from his brother Dodd, Rye (Kieran Culkin, Scott Pilgrim. vs The World) is a commercial typewriter IBM that has a gambling debt with the family, in exchange for ceding the license to distribute throughout the Midwestern US, they need a judge thaw certain bank accounts before.

 The judge more bad host the midwest

The judge with more bad host the midwest

Rye follow the judge (Ann Cusack) to a Waffle Hut Luverne, where the story quickly becomes bloody after an argument between Rye and the judge, which kills three people and Rye leaving the restaurant stabbed.

The UFO, paranormal

 Rye discussed Waffle Hut

Rye discussed Waffle Hut

That’s when Rye is dazzled by the lights of a flying saucer, just to stare before being hit violently in the dark, drain the car is given to the body of Rye still on the engine.

Shortly after the story we present for the first time Lou Solverson, Sheriff of the state police, almost 30 years younger than in last season, this time played by Patrick Wilson (Cojuring, Insidious) and introduces us to Betsy, his wife, and his daughter Molly, star of the first season. – With a call warning him of three murders

 The parents of the Solverson family.

Parents of Solverson family.

After a quick research on the Waffle Hut, which leaves the investigation by the local police, under the command of his father, Hank Larsson Local Sheriff (Ted Danson). And he goes to bingo where Karl, another Vietnam veteran like him, is giving lessons conspiranoia a common: the assassination of JFK, of Robert Kennedy , everything is the fault of the American Military Industrial Complex.

The line unofficial presidential contrast with appearances throughout the series. Carter on TV, and Ronald Reagan will be played by Bruce Campbell for several points of the season, while campaigning for the area of ​​the midwest in 1979.

Have you brought the deer home?

 Ed and Betty discussing the deer * *

Ed and Betty discussing the Hart

Shortly after we meet Ed (Jesse Plemons, Breaking Bad ) and Peggy (Kirsten Dunst, Spider), married. He wanted to lead the carnage where you work and have children, and she excited about going to California. -. We discovered that Peggy was the one who ran over Rye, panicked, and the car took home

Rye Gerhardt, still alive, back to consciousness and tries to escape the bloody garage, making a noise it will alert Ed. – Peggy then confesses that hit a deer, and at the lie, again confess that it was not a deer, but a person. Rye attacks Ed, Ed gets rid of him and stabbing him in the debate over whether to call the police or get rid of the body, prevails the “Law of Fargo.”

Fargo law

 Kansas City attack

Kansas City to attack

The” happy “family clean the garage and hides the corpse in a freezer. The body of Rye, not only being sought by his own crime family, also by police. And in the last scene, we discover as another crime syndicate from Kansas City wants to take over holding the Gerhardt family.

On a hit in the dark, Peggy and Ed have in your freezer a corpse sought by UFOs, two types of mafia and two police forces. This is Fargo.




Impressive premiere, amazing actors and narrative premise. The elections are approaching, and the paranormal touch seems to make this a little bit more special season. –

Highlights certainly Dunst’s character and Patrick Wilson and Floyd, the matriarch of the family Gerhardt

Special mention to Betsy Solverson (Cristin Milioti, How I met. your Mother), wife and mother of Molly Lou, and his sarcasm about Love Canal and Pol Pot.


Fargo 2 × 01: Ok Then
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October 14, 2015

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