Fast charging of ES File Explorer is horrible, and can turn so


I confess, I am ES file Explorer very or ES file Explorer. Like many, you started using for years and was pleasantly surprised by the large number of available functions. It was a file browser with little or nothing to envy to the desktop.

Since then, half of laziness, half not need it, I have continued to use ES File Explorer as my manager header files. The truth is that each time I use it less , as Android applications are increasingly able to do more things for themselves, and my phone already includes a file manager, but more basic.

But it should be a tool to turn to when I need it, he crossed the line and tried to capture more importance than necessary few days ago. By putting the phone to charge appeared A strange window load with advertising , instead of my traditional window release

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But what is this?

If you happened to you and me, after the initial noun it is safer to have disabled the function. Here you have to give some credit to developers, it is not too hidden. You should only give the options icon on the top bar and disable DU Quick Charge .

Off the two ways to disable fast charging

the name alone is itself confused, Du Quick Charge, while it does not mention ES File Explorer anywhere. For those not placed in these magical applications that make your old mobile feel like a young swain, DU Battery Saver is one of the most popular, and as you may have deduced by now, the loading screen of File Explorer is only a as a clone of DU Battery Saver, but worse.

Du left: DU Battery Saver, right: ES File Explorer

the logic of this fast loading is more or less the same you’ll find similar applications load is faster by strange reasons unspecified , although frequently mentioned closing applications enable the aircraft or substitutes for mobile use less energy and therefore load more quickly. This does not mean that is the case or the load is in any faster case.

The function is so poorly integrated into the application , beyond the name unchanged, the slider on the side panel of ES File Explorer does not seem to really work well. If you deactivate it from the boot options, still displayed as enabled in the options, or sometimes you deactivate and is still on.

What’s next?

If you do not like fast loading screen, and I do not blame you, not see her again once you disable . Everything will be as before and probably in a while will remember this as a distant dream.

ES File Explorer is still an excellent file manager , with many advanced options and interface intuitive enough to remain your favorite file manager: root browser, connect to the cloud, bluetooth, local network …

Now, initiatives like this all they do sow distrust (una Again ) in an application that has almost reached the limit of what it can offer and from there only continues fatten unnecessarily

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Fast charging of ES File Explorer is horrible, and can turn so
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May 12, 2016

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