Fear The Walking Dead, Episode 3: The dog

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The good people are the first to die

After a week’s absence, Fear The Walking Dead returns with the third episode of its first season. After a first episode quite slow, and segundo improving but maintains the same pace as we can establish with certainty the narrative style of this spinoff zombie universe of Robert Kirkman. A story told slowly, and not invest too much in shock but on hold.

Finally our protagonist family reunited after a short time separation where Manawa know Salazar and spend the night locked in a long Barbershop until forced to leave when the unrest reached the highest point chaos and people set fire to nearby shops. As always, humanity demonstrating that people will always be more dangerous than the zombies .

Daniel Salazar is painted as an interesting character, or simply another Latino gangsters who knows. The last sentence says in the episode was as honest and realistic of all dialogs that we heard in those 48 minutes: good people are dying early is . No, maybe I always call attention to the fatalistic characters that are clear when everything went to hell and is not the time for sentimentality, but of course, I already know how it ends in such stories, the rest of the characters, not

The most frightening

Lady, you can not go without signing the high

We still enough time for everyone to come in dark, fatalistic way and stop this “you are sick, maybe we can help” rather than aim for the head. The most frightening thing in this episode to these people was watching as civilization may collapse so easily and so quickly .

The first place we all go to seek help is to hospital, and therefore is where most people die. It makes sense to be one of the first sites to collapse completely and collapse, despair and terror that this generates is huge. You just have to imagine it. It is one of the least safe places in case of zombie apocalypse, unless you’re Rick Grimes.

Do not die, keep coming back


we believe that eventually we will see the Manawa go to the desert, Madison returned to try to save his neighbor from certain death at the hands of his wife zombie (see what happens when you do not take the hard decisions when they should be). Probably he is feeling guilty about not having crashed the hammer head to Susu, and seeing that her husband was about to end up just like the dog. Mom Clark returns and in a twist that I did not expect the military to restore order in the suburbs, and “save the day” appear.

Honestly I did not expect that we would see the government’s attempts to maintain City on foot, usually the military in zombie movies seem to have trained at Camp clowns where having an automatic rifle does not take away the awkwardness and zombies walking as slow as a turtle with one leg are able to kill you in lonely because you do not well you tied the shoelaces. With how slow everything seems to go in the series, would not surprise me to see this kind of military quarantine last a couple of episodes, and maybe someone will learn something about how to use a gun, although Mr. Manawa not feel good about those . dangerous and malicious objects that have just saved from certain death at the hands UAN neighbor Peter

It is too late for Mr. Salazar

Fear The Walking Dead, Episode 3: The dog

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