fidelizoo, new platform for customer loyalty in trade


We have Fidelizoo ( ) as a platform that allows small businesses and franchises creating loyalty programs in order to increase the number of visits, billing and customer loyalty , in addition to open up a new channel of direct communication with them.

[…] establishments may, in just five minutes, create programs to reward points loyal customers, through gifts, prizes or discounts.

The idea is that the client has in his hands a QR code (either in the form of smartphone or card) that will show on the property for personalized offers. Each trade will have an application to scan the code and display options that customer has (discounts, offers, brindes, etc..). You may also be identified in the application with email or the phone, so it is not strictly necessary to take the above code.

In addition to creating a points program, will trade statistics habits purchase of its customers, helping to launch marketing campaigns more focused on what the customer needs.

During the initial phase of the beta, the service cost will be free establishments.

Here’s a video showing its operation:

Fidelizoo is a project created by 10Labs Digital Technology Company Ltd., in Zaragoza formed by three entrepreneurs: Antonio Murillo, Raúl Novoa and Nacho Vilalta

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fidelizoo, new platform for customer loyalty in trade
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September 24, 2013

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