FIFA 16 Ultimate Team as a paradigm: the free-to-play model works, but can end the game experience

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Free to Play and Pay to Win , two concepts that surely most gamers will know the place and have become fashionable with the massive arrival of smartphones and the exponential growth of mobile gaming.

Two expressions, para Unfortunately many , too often intertwine high quality titles that can play for free free to play – but that inevitably require stop shopping to advance in the game itself – pay to win -.

There is clearly an enormous mass of potential customers in the mobile game, it is that any user of a smartphone is capable of entering this group before or after, but how difficult is to attract attention and get people who want to pay for an application or game.

The need to monetize developments and some smartphone users still reluctant to pay for applications or games are the perfect breeding ground for the model ‘free-to-play’: it is free to play but you’ll do better if you spend per box

This need to monetize applications and the option of integrated shopping mobile platforms enable born model free-to-play , which approaches all users play in question to be placed in the app store as free, but often left in a Cold demo or in a game in which advance becomes very complicated while not we buy any option, enhancer, virtual coins, etc.

Normally congratulating ourselves we all play our favorite titles in our smartphone, even more so when we have to pay for it. However, most of the time this results in a game disastrous experience and growing frustration for all.

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FIFA 16, a case of success worth study

Very few of those who read us every day you desconocéis FIFA franchise of EA Sports, and is now for today the arrival of the new FIFA the year in question are a tradition at the end of summer, just when they start the major football leagues in the world.

And that’s FIFA is also international body soccer’s governing, is a historical saga of football games owned by Electronic Arts, and each year we can play controlling our favorite teams and the best players in the world against other players or against the computer itself .

EA Sports was able to adapt well when the mobile game was already an undeniable reality, and both Android and iOS platform you can download and play FIFA every year for several seasons.

Fifa Game

This is a simplified version of the title of consoles, with touch control and gameplay adapted to smartphones, but in the beginning of all the options available any usual FIFA player would expect. friendlies, cups, leagues, career mode, market, etc.

That had a cost, the initial cost that anyone expected when a play-about 5 euros in the case of FIFA, is purchased, but mobile seems that users are still reluctant to pay an application is for whatever reason, and if they are 5 euros more.

Monetizing development is a necessity, and the option of free download with limited-stop shopping is a juicy option. Finally, the guys at EA Sports were lit the lamp with FIFA Ultimate Team, a new game mode online that combines the experience of FIFA with a kind of market of virtual cards.

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FIFA Ultimate Team, FIFA works but is not

FIFA 16 Ultimate Team is the latest title in the series for Android and iOS, a sports game with a great quality in both graphics and gameplay, and that the smartphones on the football game experience like no other. Moreover, it does so free .

In FIFA 16 UT can play both games against the artificial intelligence of the game and other players, and we have data and image equipment and official players without limitations. All this with an impressive power quality if your phone allows it.

However, experience with FIFA 16 UT is not to any FIFA 16 , is that EA Sports confined in mobile mode the game commented Ultimate Team, eliminating at a stroke any hint of the usual model FIFA, official leagues, cups, so official season friendly, etc.

The Ultimate Team mode developed for EA Sports FIFA is a great idea to reach more users and monetize best in mobile, but that does not mean they should be eliminated traditional choices by many would still paying

In FIFA 16 UT you can not select our favorite club and take to glory based on thumbs, but must jump through hoops to open our initial envelopes, make a team with what we touch and go buy more envelopes with virtual currencies.

Numbers do not lie, FIFA 16 UT is one of the most downloaded games of the platform and EA Sports makes money with the game, but the experience that awaits a regular player of FIFA It is not present, and EA Sports also gives us the ability to seamlessly buy the usual ways. Instead, we can buy virtual coins to get better on, but that we are limited.

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The experience is limited and sometimes frustrating

This create the team we want is costly in time or money , because we can buy envelopes allocated us players, coaches, uniforms, stadiums and balls at random, but getting the need outlined in any case to sell our stickers other users to get coins, and they buy in the market the cards of our team or more we like.

In addition, the best players are very expensive and complicated to get into standard envelopes without checking out, while match or tournament prizes are difficult to get too low Coins to access the market, which is necessary in any case to bring together our favorite team.

As if this were not enough, pay does not ensure that we get nothing because FIFA can acquire Points to buy a packet of only players, but these will be randomly assigned. Thus, although Messi need to complete our club, we assigned the same machine Cristiano Ronaldo.

And this brings us this problem, can not be exchanged trading cards directly with other users , which in this model is essential. Why do we say? Because if it is difficult to get coins for you as it is for others, and if you’re lucky enough to get a top player, sell for coins and purchase other is an impossible chimera.

Finally, it is a title that is renewed every year, and if we had a whole year playing for our favorite trading cards must be concerned, because the next version does not allow us to keep our team and we can only move the FIFA Points we have purchased.

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The experience we expect from one FIFA 16

What did you expect when I downloaded FIFA 16? For expected at least to play one season with my favorite team , or a friendly fast to kill some free time game mode, even if there was no transfer market advanced options of managers between seasons.

He also hoped to set the duration of the match, including stock options, as in FIFA 16 UT almost everything is standard, as 3 minutes into the game that make the “0-0” in the outcome more usual . Something that frustrates me and kill enough game experience.

There are more examples, but I do not want to criticize too a degree of high level mobile , with a very good gameplay and graphics impressive, but it serves as a paradigm for what the free-to-play and how this method can charge what users expect from a classic title like FIFA.

This year probably will not come, but hope FIFA 17 incorporates new traditional models even if they involve checkout , because I do not see me next year starting another adventure that requires much time and / or money to get the elements of my favorite team and they lost the following season.

And you, do you have similar experiences like mine with FIFA 16 Ultimate Team?

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FIFA 16 Ultimate Team as a paradigm: the free-to-play model works, but can end the game experience
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January 11, 2016

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