Fifteen years of Oscar animated: for ‘Shrek’ to ‘overturn’


  • On Sunday 28 February fifteen years of the creation of the Oscar for best animated film will be met.
  • The first film that managed this award was ‘Shrek’, Dreamworks, in 2001, and this year’s favorite is ‘Reversed (Inside Out)’
  • Only three animated films have been nominated in the best film category.: ‘Beauty and the Beast’, ‘Up’ and ‘Toy Story 3’.

on Sunday 28 February, at the 88th edition Awards Oscar awards, when all the bulbs are placed on Leonardo DiCaprio and El reborn is in a struggle to establish itself as the film of the year, cinema entertainment will live their little parties, the fifteenth anniversary creation of the Oscar for best Animated Feature, an award that everyone assumes you will be for Pixar because of their pride you Reversed .

However, the link between the animated movies and the Oscar goes back many decades, namely 1937, when the film industry experienced a historic landmark, the premiere of Snow White and the seven Dwarfs . Unlike what many think, it was not the first animated feature in history, but the most ambitious to date. In fact, it was the first sound and color, and soon become the referent of animation.

Before the premiere, many of Hollywood and the press at the time thought it was nonsense and referred to the project as” Disney’s folly “. They were wrong. Innovative technical and artistic level, with quality animation unprecedented and exceptional musical finish, the film became a blockbuster which also had to surrender academics.

There were still nearly three quarters of a century to create the Oscar for best animated film, but that did not stop White should receive honors. In 1938, he was nominated for an Oscar for best soundtrack. A year later, Walt Disney received from the hands of the little Shirley Temple, an honorary award: a normal statuette and seven miniature nod to the Dwarfs as the film

from that time, Disney became a factory of animated classics, “the dream factory”. However, despite the critical and commercial success of most of his films, they did not receive too many Academy Awards. In 1941, with the success of White still kicking, Pinocchio took the Oscar for Best Score and Best Song and, in 1942, Fantasy managed two honorary statuettes for the quality of its sound section.

from that moment, music was the main route of animation in general and Disney in particular to sneak into the Oscars. The Little Mermaid (1989), Beauty and the Beast (1991), Aladdin (1992), The Lion King (1994) and Pocahontas (1995) won the same two awards Pinocchio . Then many other movies like Tarzan (1999) or Monsters SA (2001) won the Oscar for best song.

Beyond the soundtrack

More awards won who Framed Roger Rabbit (1989), film directed by Robert Zemeckis and produced by Touchstone Pictures and Amblin Entertainment that mixed real image and cartoons and he won three of the six Oscar those who aspired (best visual effects, best sound and best Editing) and a special Oscar for the “animation, direction and creating animated characters.”

Although the next major milestone in the history of the genre managed to beauty and the beast (1991), the first animated film in history who managed to a nomination in the best picture category. After only two animated films have received this honor, Up and Toy Story 3 .

in 1993, the animated film href=”” stop motion nightmare before Christmas was nominated for the category of best special effects and, in 1995, there was the biggest turning point in the history of animation since 1937, the premiere of Toy story , which received a special Oscar as the first animated feature film made entirely by computer as well as being nominated for three other Oscars, including the original script.

with the start of the new millennium the rise of the animation industry became evident the need to create at the Oscars a specific category for this type of film. Although in its fourteen years of existence (this Sunday has been almost fifteen) Disney and Pixar have monopolized the category among both studies have been nine prizes- has also been room for other producers. In fact, the first two years, they were out of hand.

In 2001, Shrek , Dreamworks, became the first production to win the Oscar for best animated film. In 2002, the award went to Spirited Away , the Japanese film directed by Hayao Miyazaki has so far been the only foreign language film has managed to gain this award

Only three films have managed to beat machinery Disney and Pixar. Wallace and Gromit: the curse of vegetables (DreamWorks and Aardman Animation) in 2005, Happy Feet (Warner Bros. Pictures) in 2006 and Range (Nickelodeon Movies) in 2011, year in which he was also nominated Chico & Rita , Fernando Trueba and Javier Mariscal” Javier Mariscal, only Spanish film that has managed to fit into this category.

as with most categories popualres, animation has also raised controversies regarding the nominees and the winners. In 2009, for example, no one realized that Wall-E, competing in six categories and was considered one of the best productions of the year, was not nominated for an Oscar for best picture; in 2013, Brave, one of the weakest Pixar films, snatched the Oscar for best animated film (he was only the nomination) to four clearly better rival ( Rompe Ralph, Frankenweenie, ParaNorman The and Pirates !); in 2015, The LEGO movie remained even without nomination for best animated film, the most surprising given year had to settle for a nomination in the category of best song was not even …

This year, the US Anomalisa -of Charlie Kaufman, British sheep Shaun , Japan’s the memory of Marnie and Brazil’s the child and the world have it complicated to defeat the almighty Pixar, which complite this year with the critically acclaimed Reversed (Inside Out) , the film that has touched children and adults around the globe and ha returned to study the path of excellence that exalted the top of the seventh art.


Fifteen years of Oscar animated: for ‘Shrek’ to ‘overturn’
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