Find my device: this is the new image of the old device Manager Android


The Manager of devices Android is one of the apps more useful, when we are in the position of that we do not know what we have done with the mobile and we want to know immediately where it is located.

An app that has not been updated in two years and just today, in the day of Google I/O, it appears a new version with a new name: ‘Find my device’. The case comes to the same thing, although it has been updated with a few tweaks in the interface to remove a slice of what was Holo as a design language.

Two years since the last update

The new version of the app, which has happened to be called Find my device, also includes a new icon that is on par with the time they play with those flat colors that are so characteristic.

The app has been updated in the design for all of the items offered in their whole experience closer to what is Material Design. Lock

If you’re used to with this app, you will find the same actions to perform how to make ring the device, lock it or erase all data.

The version of the app is the 2.0.014 and replaces the previous 1.4.1.

The update is already available from the Google Play Store, even if you do not find available yet, you can receive the link below that takes you to the download of the APK.

Find my device

Find my device2.0.014

Download | Find my device APK
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Find my device: this is the new image of the old device Manager Android
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May 17, 2017

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