Fingerprint sensors front, rear or side, who’s winning?


One of the characteristics more important of Android phones in recent times is the arrival of fingerprint sensor , that element that allows us to not only unlock your smartphone more quickly and safely, but allows us to make payments using simply our finger.

One of the things that surprised me in these times is variety of positions in which is located the sensor , and that, so far , we have seen in the front, in the back, and even on one side. But today, what it is the most common for the fingerprint sensor position


The lateral position is the least used, with a total of two manufacturers

Lateral Sensor

Sony, introducing his family Xperia Z5 , presented for the first time (for Sony) smartphones with fingerprint sensor. The peculiarity is that the Japanese manufacturer decided to said fingerprint sensor on the right side , tucked in his button. This for many has been something truly original and strange, and the opinions flew everywhere.

With the newly opened family Xperia X , Sony returned to trust this location to include your fingerprint sensor. The advantage is that when you take the smartphone, with as natural as pressing the power key, which has always been done gesture, no more than playing with one and fingers configured ready.

But Sony it is not the only one to include this fingerprint sensor on the side, not even the first. They beat him with a few months apart, Turing href=””> , an American mobile focused on being very hard on the outside and safe inside . Even more particular is the fact that the fingerprint sensor was on the left side, outside the physical buttons.

This terminal has a decent hardware for 2015 (when he left), a design something quirky and some building materials, a liquid metal alloy harder, according to the manufacturer, titanium or steel. These are the only two manufacturers in daring to put a fingerprint sensor on one side, giving them the last position.

The front as the second most preferred

Galaxy S7 Edge

Several early smartphones with fingerprint sensor decided to include it in the front, for many the most natural position . That’s how Apple put it and, a little later, Samsung. But they were not the only manufacturers who decided that was a good position, today we find several more who have taken this position.

The main advantage is that you can unlock your phone without having to catch him at all , even in a more natural way than if you were side, so if you have it on the table, you can unlock it, do whatever you want (set the alarm, for example), and off quietly, without having to peel it off the table.

Manufacturers like OnePlus, current terminals HTC, Xiaomi and Motorola have their fingerprint sensors front. There may be more manufacturers that are committed to this location, but still would, almost certainly, in second place. However, there is a manufacturer who will move out of position.

The rear is the current dominant

Sensor Traces Back

the top step of the podium is to the rear, the preferred manufacturers. One of the leaders of this position is Huawei , which not only allows you to unlock the smartphone, but also make gestures like down the notification bar or move from one picture to another, but many others have adopted this position.

We have manufacturers like LG, BQ, Google (if we consider the Nexus as theirs), Meizu and other lesser known Coolpad . But this club could join Motorola, as it is rumored that the future Moto M again have the fingerprint sensor back position taken last time with the Motorola Atrix.

HTC will manufacture a smartphone with the sensor back, but this time try the new Nexus, the first time was the HTC One Max , the giant, crecidísima version of HTC One M7 which included a biometric sensor back that might have worked better. For this position we assign the top of the podium, the glory of the victor and the generous prize of a handful of candy Sugus.

What is the most comfortable position?


This will always depend on each user, for me rule the lateral position and stay with the front, because often unlock my phone without lifting the table. Clearly, each position has its advantages and disadvantages , but the quality they have and the ability to configure multiple fingers make more dependent on personal taste.

It is true that the rear position it is quite comfortable for many occasions, and some manufacturers, such as Huawei, add extra features that gives an extra utility , but remain unconvinced altogether. Still, everyone has their own opinion, and I hope you share it with us. Front, back or side, what position you get

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Fingerprint sensors front, rear or side, who’s winning?
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August 30, 2016

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