Fingerprint to Sleep, or how to lock your terminal with the fingerprint reader thanks to the ‘scene’

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The fingerprint reader is a ‘must-have’ for most smartphones, sneaking in the last times between the ranges more affordable for encourage the use of the biometric security, a technology that still generates doubts but that every time it sits longer and has more utilities.

however, not all manufacturers are able to get the most out of a sensor fingerprint most of the times limits its use to the unlock of the terminal, so that the community is already a long time ago that is hands-on work seeking to expand the capabilities of the fingerprint readers to make them more sense on smartphones.

The road marked Huawei with the better implementation of the fingerprint reader on the market, both on their devices as in the case of those sold under the brand Honor.

The chinese giant is not content with lock and unlock the device with the fingerprint reader, but provides advanced capabilities such as touch surface to scroll in the interface, open apps with gestures, to take photographs, use the double-tap to start the camera, etc and this is something that even the new Google Pixel have wanted for them.

Fingerprint Sleep Screen

The fingerprint reader you can also lock your terminal

The community can do everything, and if the manufacturers don’t want to seek profits to the components of their devices, so will the own scene. In this case it has been a developer of the famous xda-developers which has exploited the capabilities the fingerprint reader to also be able to lock the terminal.

The operation is simple and clever idea, you only need to install the application, you will be able to download it directly from this link, but first you’ll need to have enabled “unknown sources” in the settings of your terminal.

A simple configuration will allow us to enable the app to turn off the screen of our terminal, and lock it with the fingerprint reader, for which will not need to even have access to root in the terminal. Yes, more advanced users and with root the app allows them to more options, such as disable the PIN request after the lock.

A simple and free way of making the most out of the fingerprint reader, all about making life easier for users who have a finger sensor on the back of the device. In fact, if the sensor is placed under the front screen, practically all the options of the application will be disabled.

you Have all the information, if you want to try it out, on the links source here below:

In Xataka Android | XDA launches its new app on Google Play-with Material Design, faster and more complete
More information | xda-developers via WonderHowTo

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Fingerprint to Sleep, or how to lock your terminal with the fingerprint reader thanks to the ‘scene’
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October 12, 2016

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