Firewatch and great interactive story format

Firewatch and great interactive story format

The story Firewatch and what made me feel something that is going to stay stuck in my memory for a long time. I...

The story Firewatch and what made me feel something that is going to stay stuck in my memory for a long time. Is an experience that rarely have the opportunity to live with a video game format makes it possible, and makes us understand that there are many ways to make great games. Here are zero spoilers.

It’s been a week since Firewatch saw the light of day. This title created in an independent study with just 11 people working on it, it took the team Campo Santo more than two years of sweat and sacrifice. It was much that these people invested to create the game, both económica and emotionally, and to start the game you can feel the love immediately named their project

Firewatch is not a perfect game, when you finish and you discuss the details with your friends, you start to find flaws, bugs and things that could be better. But it is precisely that which ironically makes it even better. Nothing in life is perfect, and although many of the design decisions of the game may seem affected perhaps by time and budget, in the end, as a player bring you a great interactive experience as rarely get in the middle.

Short but substantial

Firewatch well have been a relatively successful novel, or a cult, or a miniseries thriller. Instead, Campo Santo decided to use the medium more daring to tell his story. The game

All those who love to play know that there is a porous medium to convey emotions a person. With all other forms of art one is a spectator, the choices we only include the chair where we would sit and we eat while watching. In a video game, part of the story is formed, to a lesser or greater extent. The player determines the time in which it will develop the story, and decide the road to take, even though in many cases the road is straight, it is you who will have to cross it, it’s you who is going to move that lever and he will give life to the characters. Firewatch offers a great experience for those who play it, is a memorable story and that is very valuable in the long run.

is a story Firewatch Interactive, it is one of those games with a relatively new style, in which the important thing is not to press the button many times or faster, or instantly detect where enemies are. It is a format in which you walk through a world where you tell a story. All fluff Firewatch is in its story and its characters, and as wonderful graphic art and music give us all the perfect setting to dive into what they are trying to tell us.

Sometimes there we take the time to evaluate the experiences we live in as far as we were made but as lasted or how much they cost. Try this game for its duration only, it is a mistake. I’ve read many complaints about how you can finish it all in less than three hours, and just seems stupid. At home we play twice and on average it took seven hours every turn. If you want to appreciate the history and the dialogue as a whole, that after all they are the best of the game, in three hours you may have jumped more than half and you’ve crippled your experience. If you are neither able to take a minute to appreciate the beauty of the scenery and sounds, just this kind of game is not for you.

To see the world through the characters

The protagonist of Firewatch is Henry, a man who runs away from something and looking for a place to escape. If we dare to say that we Henry, we can identify with him in the simple fact that many times we escaped a few hours of our life and we will stop a game.

However, Henry is Henry, you as a player you can not change who he is or how it behaves. The character is made so that even if the player has “control” over it, decisions are wholly owned. It’s like see the world through Henry and just help them find their way.

Game characters have their own mind, you will only see the story unfold through their eyes.

in addition to Henry, the other major character is Delilah, who is your boss (or rather the head of Henry), and who you speak throughout the game. Delilah is a completely independent character, and something that some see in a video game: has own mind. It’s like a real person, which you can not convince you jump off a cliff just because you niveleado much charisma of your character.

It is a very real game, with an impeccable history and actions first.

Henry is played by Rich Sommer (perhaps remembered for his role as Harry in Mad Men) and Delilah is performed by Cissy Jones (a veteran who has been through Fallout 4 Halo, GTA V, and has made several voices in both seasons of the Walking Dead Telltale). The work of these two is most prominent in video games, are impeccable, and transmit everything in their voices. A highlight when you’re in a game where you do not see faces ever.

Firewatch is one of those games that ending leaves you with a emptiness, this kind of sadness you feel when something good ends and you know that’ll never be able to experience it in the same way ever. It is unique and difficult to explain, but everyone should try one day, I think in a game even more life makes sense, because in one way or another, we’re part of that history.


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