First ‘Alien 5’ and now ‘RoboCop Returns’: Neill Blomkamp abandons the long-awaited sequel

First 'Alien 5' and now 'RoboCop Returns': Neill Blomkamp abandons the long-awaited sequel

We prometíamos very happy when has announced Neill Blomkamp  was going to direct a new film of the saga RoboCop, especially when soon after confirmed that was going to be a direct sequel to the first installment, directed by Paul Verhoeven. Everything seemed to be going very well, but Blomkamp has just announced via his twitter account that it leaves the film.

The explanation has been clear enough: Blomkamp will shoot in short a thriller of terror and at MGM want to make ‘RoboCop Returns’ as soon as possible -in the message a little given to understand that the study needs to make the film as soon as possible-, so that they are not willing to wait for the maker of ‘District 9’.

Blomkamp had been working up until now with writer Justin Rhodes, who will soon release the highly anticipated ‘Terminator: Destination dark’. What is more likely is that MGM use of all forms libretto, but the time has not been announced who will occupy the director’s chair. It is hoped that at least something you want to mold it to your style.

The bad luck of Blomkamp

Alien 5

Continues the bad luck of Blomkamp in terms of the fallout franchise popular. And is that a few years ago I was going to take care of ‘Alien 5’, but the project it was dismissed by Fox when you had just completed a treatment and ten pages of the story. We hope that the third time lucky if he ends up joining another project of these characteristics in the future.

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First ‘Alien 5’ and now ‘RoboCop Returns’: Neill Blomkamp abandons the long-awaited sequel
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August 15, 2019

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