First impressions of Huawei P8, the smartphone Change

First Impressions of Huawei P8, the smartphone change

After the event in London, we could test the new Huawei P8 and although the sensations are very good, we must take caution.

After the official presentation of the new Huawei P8 and the Huawei P8 Max , which latter was not available in the stand to take a further look, we had the opportunity to experience firsthand what the new P8 Huawei, a terminal with which the Chinese company has invested heavily for this 2015. Will the Huawei P8 silver bullet with which Huawei gives a good blow on the table for this season? Let’s see


The Huawei P8 comes in four colors. Mystic Champagne, Prestige Gold, Gray Titanium and Carbon Black. The model that Huawei has given us for the test is the Mystic Champagne. Ahead is completely white, and gold behind. You can say that is very similar to an iPhone 5S, but with a touch more yellow. At the time we could prove it, we have great result but unoriginal , both the design and the color range available. I think that dark colors are much more elegant.



In your body is noteworthy that despite its extreme fineness, it seemed really comfortable . It’s not the most comfortable in the hand, but hoped the Huawei P8 much nailed in the palm, and finally did not happen. Also, I find a huge choice of design the decision made in the section on materials.

Although for the crowd glass in the rear is premium, which were in the P7 is scratched easily. In the Mate7 they stepped forward and the Huawei continues P8 aluminum. Definitely one of the best manufactured terminals we can find. The front is not too surprising, but we value so wide screen on the front ratio has, for example greater than those obtained by LG


Ending design, say the new location of the speaker sits very well , and no longer clog when we support on a table. I was able to briefly test the sound, and if it seems better than the P7 and P6 is also excellent (BoomSound level), although I would say that its thickness is good.


I would have liked to see the jack on the bottom, but it is serious. Finally, say that, although somewhat soft buttons are very accessible.

As for the screen, saying that for now we can not fault it. We applaud the decision not to include a display 2K because it must be said that the definition 1080p is optimal. As noted in the introduction, the panel has high contrast and bright . I like, and follows the trend of previous models.



As we see, this is EMUI 3.1 , the new version of personalization layer Huawei Huawei opens in P8. It is based on Lollipop 5.0 and as usual, integrates a MIUI launcher or iOS type, ie without application drawer. Like its previous iterations, is quite personalizaste level issues, and again includes own power control applications. The performance compared to other models that were not quite fine, it seems very good a priori , but this is an aspect that desorralleremos more on their analysis.


The rounded aesthetics of the buttons still not a very accomplished fact, because instead of changing icons by other own, Huawei maintains the original (pictured, apps from Google) and include them in the box with colored borders around, it feels unfinished product, unpolished.



The camera is undoubtedly appearance where Huawei claims to have put all their efforts . We are facing a 13 megapixel sensor, this time it integrates optical stabilizer (OIS) for the first time in a terminal of the company. The P7 and Mate 7 were good cameras, but with processing problems . According to Huawei this has been greatly improved with a ISP external , which processes the level of an SLR.


In our time with the camera, I must say that the interface varies little, but yes, it opens quite fast and very simple. Further additions of classic settings, found in the P8 a way by which we can separate the focus exposure, very useful to control the lights.

 Here we see the Huawei P8 no supports the benefits of Camera 2 API.

Here we see the Huawei P8 does not support the benefits of Camera 2 API.

We’ll talk in more depth, but we can already say that The camera does not support the new API Camera2 Lollipop , which allows third-party applications can shoot RAW with manual settings, controlling ISO, shutter speed.

In this article from Anandtech found the answer: it is currently difficult to run the API with external processors as a matter of bandwidth. The problem is not only that but also includes native the camera, and is something that in 2015 began to be necessary. You can enjoy the Lumia, the Galaxy S6 with the Pro Mode and as we have seen, in the LG G4 .


Our feeling

After the first time with the P8, feelings are pretty good . In the analysis of Huawei Ascend P7 my colleague mentioned that we were facing a mid-range phone, despite high-end aspirations. Here I am not clear that the product is already in full high level, but that in certain respects as in the materials, is in the highest, without nothing to envy in them phones worth € 200 more . Undoubtedly, it is a big change for Huawei Ascend range in the former, as was the Mate7 in his . For a more detailed analysis in a few days we will bring our analysis


First impressions of Huawei P8, the smartphone Change
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April 16, 2015

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