Flaked, a boring indie dramedy about nothing


will Arnett and Mitch Hurwitz are coleguis. They had worked together for five years on ‘Running Wild’, a comedy starring and created by the first two with Jim Vallely, who also shared table ‘Arrested Development’. After returning to life comedy that Fox canceled in 2006, Hurwitz signed a development contract with Netflix . This information would be curious facts in any instance, but in the case of ‘Flaked’ is vital to understand why there is something so insipid and empty [1].

It is very likely to Arnett and Hurwitz have had free rein with this dramedy about Chip, one (apparently) ex alcoholic who lives in Venice Beach, California, “works” in his furniture store and is the official adviser of recovering alcoholics neighborhood . When London, a cute girl, appears in the neighborhood, Chip and his best friend Dennis make them the chiribitas eyes, but Debis who first requested.

I wish we could argue that it is in that line growth stories often deal with the indie film, turning day-to-day characters in a reflection on maturity, change, overcoming a stage and all kinds of abstract about how difficult it is to give meaning to our lives. But no, ‘Flaked’ is a collection of little redeeming moments and dialogues without grace or content and a number of maddening pauses. The dramatic pauses and awkward silences are effective when they have a certain eloquence in what is happening, but when you’re not counting anything just get the episodes become even more boring


A start without chicha


One thing I have to concede to this Shall comedy? drama? ¿Dramedy? ¿Arena ?, and is that even though none of the characters transmitted me nothing exuded nothing appealing, even though the style and the atmosphere was not remarkable and despite not having clear that this was anywhere, ‘Flaked’ he has managed to continue to viewing chapters. It was probably pure curiosity , just to confirm it was empty.

There are eight episodes of the first half which has flat characters and situations and dialogues same repeated again and again. It is something that some have blamed on the reciente tendency to adapt the story to the characteristics of streaming , a assume that the viewer will consume the series in a short period of time .

I disagree with much of this review (and that as a practice receive both systematic rejection). The problem is not the decision to confront the story with a calm, consistent care and development; oblivious to the pressures to get the viewer again next week . ‘Jessica Jones’ has been accused to stretch their content but I personally find a construction of character, atmosphere and exquisite antagonist, which increases in intensity but always has interest. And I could say the same of ‘Daredevil’.

The problem of ‘Flaked’ is that there is nothing to grab onto in these introductory chapters . It does not seem interested in showing nothing but the attempt to make Will Arnett look like the coolest uncle of a hipster-cool neighborhood. There is no hint of initiation of a character arc. The description of Chip is vague and generally expressed through the dialogues of the (one-dimensional) side.

The autoboicot narrative

 Flaked Staffel 1 Mit Ruth Kearney

as for the second half of these 8 episodes, suffer the syndrome Paron Skype ; you know, when the connection makes Skype conversation stops a few seconds and then everything much speed to reach the “real time”. The information about the past of the protagonists starts to get on the table in a more sudden than organic , and one after another begin to happen twists and unravel surprises (which they are not) and have an opposite effect the desired.

After a first turn, are two others which crazier. I do not want to specify for the series will not ruin anyone who is interested, but plot so little back end chicha that had the story ends up losing the sense the sense . After several chapters that Chip is like selling you is because it is broken, because it is trying to overcome something of the past, turns completely ruin this premise, without leaving even more reason for the set. It does not help that the secondary characters do not have just construction , especially female, of which hardly has anything that is not in relation to what matters to male characters.

finally, if you like Will Arnett and you want to see a series of Netflix, I invite you to keep an eye on ‘BoJack Horseman’ , a black comedy animation has several points in common with ‘Flaked’ but whose development of ideas and characters is brilliant. As for Hurwitz, hopefully the other project you have with the platform, ‘Lady Dynamite’ with Maria Bamford , not as mediocre as this.

[1] For Netflix it has had to eat well, and also because they are so determined to publish own content so often that they do not care straw.

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Flaked, a boring indie dramedy about nothing
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March 31, 2016

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