Flakka is the next drug you will hear

Flakka is the next drug you will hear

The Flakka is a drug that can cause extreme delirium easily, resulting in very strange situations, completely unusual and very dangerous. What lies behind this narcotic?

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What can a naked man running down the street trying to stab a policeman with his own plate? Or that another impale against a fence while fleeing ghost pursuers. Or simply that your body generates so much heat that finished dying from hyperthermia. flakka, flocka, alpha-PVP or “penta” lifelong appears to be “getting” fashion. Although in reality, they have simply come to light some particularly striking cases such as those mentioned just above. What is special about this drug and why it is able and cause these strong effects?

Flakka invades the streets of South

We refer to South Florida, of course. In recent months, reports on situations related to consumption Flakka have soared. On the Internet we can easily find numerous videos where extreme behavior of consumers is this hallucinogenic drug. The vast majority are merely ridiculous and outrageous. But must not forget that behind these erratic, difficult to predict and unexpected consequences attitudes are enclosed. Sometimes even fatal. Alpha-Pirrolidinopentiofenona is a designer drug, very cheap, which may well slightly affect consumers or end can cause delirium and turn the person into an aggressive and dangerous zombie. It all depends on various factors ranging from mood distillation of the drug. The Flakka is sold as a “ bath salt ” Moreover, a number of drugs that can pass their appearance bath salts packaged in a bag. This is a typical way to deal with it in the streets without arousing suspicion.

It was synthesized back in the 60s and since then has always been in the world of narcotics in a modest but continuing situation. The fact that it is very cheap and readily available, as well as transport, makes a drug selected by people who have little money. Normally, its uncomfortable effects related to the physiology, not become a drug of first choice. But, as we explained, it seems to have become somewhat fashionable in some places. It may not be the case and Flakka simply follow in their level of consumption. What is certain is that the episodes featuring consumers of this drug have been worthy to make the news. Deaths, irrational assaults and destruction are just some of the consequences caused by consumers in Florida and elsewhere

What does this drug do? Welcome to the extreme delirium

The effects of Flakka start with a mild state of euphoria and well-being. Normally the euphoria grows rapidly while some physical discomfort: the body is accelerated with high heart rates and uneasy feeling in the skin. Sometimes consciousness is diluted in an extreme state of euphoria and delirium. The latter means that consumers see, hear and feel things that are not there, making their behavior into something completely irrational and usually aggressive. The itchy skin make clothes start. Some body parts are not working properly but anyway, gestures and expressions become film. And so the picture is gruesome.

The Flakka not have to bring the body to such a state but is relatively easy. This is due to their chemical properties. Alpha-PVP has a mechanism unknown performance, although it is believed to act as reuptake inhibitor of norepinephrine and dopamine, like MDPV or pyrovalerone with which it shares much of its structure. This causes excesses of the two substances. Roughly speaking, the first promotes concentration of adrenaline in the body, triggering the whole metabolism and gives the feeling of euphoria. Dopamine activates The mechanism of Flakka is still unknown, although it could be like that of MDPV the reward system, causing the feeling of wellbeing, but probably act in a way much more soft. The surge of adrenaline cause, among other things, an increased heart rate, followed by an increase in temperature which can reach a very dangerous 40 degrees.

Here is a psychotic delusion end trigger due to high temperature and at the same psychotropic effect. The Flakka may provoke various physiological failures, including cardiac arrest or irreversible brain damage. In addition, excess adrenaline, say several police officers, gives consumers a force far superior to that of a person in his normal faculties, which causes even more difficulties in controlling the situation. In short, by its effects, like some amphetamines, but much more uncomfortable and feeling far less well but with a ridiculous price compared to other designer drugs, the Flakka is chosen should not have more money. There is some concern that this drug is trying to increase its market but for now it is not among the most used by consumers of narcotics. Yes, what it is very clear is that when something goes wrong with the Flakka, goes really wrong


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