Floating Equalizer, full sound equalizer accessible anywhere

Floating Equalizer music applications that can be found in Google Play are numerous, and many of them of high quality. If you are of those who use the phone to play music (more than common) we may be interested get good sound quality .

Many of these players offer equalizers that allow us to refine and improve the sound quality depending on the type of music you are listening, or even each song, but in many other cases, that “individual” is somewhat cumbersome configuration .


instant and uncomplicated

 Floating-Equalizer_Main In order to change the audio settings of some applications that incorporate an equalizer, must access it (we can usually do it from the notification bar), access the equalizer in question and, on many occasions, browse multiple options to get the quality we want . Having got rich sound, maybe the song is over.

To cover this aspect, we Floating Equalizer , which allows us to modify the equalizer in a few clicks. This offers 2 modes of use:. Shaped floating “bubble”, or directly from the notification bar

The advantage is that we can access the application where we are are, and every time we change the sound settings. And it works well with apps like Youtube, Spotify or Google Music.

 Floating-Equalizer_Static Thus, if we are listening to our playlist, no longer need to access the application in question, but simply open Floating Equalizer and through a few simple but suficientoes controls, we can not change the sound . Its simple and clean design makes it really easy to use.

And besides the manual configuration, offers a presets already defined to make us even easier. If you want to try, is available for free on Google Play, advertising, or want, another paid version that removes the ads.

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Floating Equalizer, full sound equalizer accessible anywhere
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April 28, 2014

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