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When I tried Sony’s SmartBand did not think much as quantizer steps and exercise. The application actually seems very ornate but something caught my eye itself: was able to quantify how long each application using throughout the day and thus have a short night to see if I had spent more time looking at because social networks or playing. The other day I was reminded of this function, I looked if there was any app to do that and I came across

This application makes work much like the quantification showed us Sony SmartBand your day with. The interface is much more spartan but if we are looking for raw data (in addition to a reminder to tell us when we’ve passed ) must be recognized that fulfills its purpose very well. I’ve been testing it a few days and I liked reconnect with this feature to better understand how to use mobile


Useful to check habits and correct them if necessary is a very simple application that once installed we have to give A pair of special permits to work well . Still, it is normal that we ask for access to analytical use (data that as a rule only access Google Play) because without them the application is unable to calculate the times we have been using other apps. The other is the accessibility but it is more common and can be found in apps like Pushbullet.

Once we give permissions that the application will see us begin to show usage data for several days. Wait, why you have information and if I just installed? Very simple: our phone is always gathering information to send to Google servers (this is done with our permission) and there analyze the data. What makes this app is to take the last record and analyze it for us.

From the central panel can view usage information both by type of use (navigation, text, medium , phone calls) as more specific applications. In the red button we can specify how we want to display the data: daily, weekly or monthly. Thus, we can have a more complete view.

One detail that I liked in the application is that you can synchronize data through Google Drive so if a day you do you use multiple devices (mobile and tablet, for example) you can have all the data together. Of course, you need to have the app installed on both devices. The only thing I missed is a little more color because the interface is sometimes so sober gray and boring ending.

Finally, we can set a limit of hours of use. I not think it’s a useful feature but if some people have trouble controlling the consumption of mobile, you can try to use this mode to be regulated and not look for more. is free and you can download it from Google Play. Productivity

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  • Download: Google Play

News, quantifies the use of applications for Android to know how we use was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

Engadget Android, quantification application usage to see how much we use Android
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January 20, 2016

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