Folio is an alternative to Facebook client that manages the content better than the official

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No me like the Facebook client for Android. It works well, but sometimes secondary content access is a bit tortuous. in addition to all this we must add battery consumption rather high in the background. There are several alternatives , the best known is Tinfoil ., but today we have to talk about one that debuted recently at Google Play

Folio for Facebook is an application created by a developer for the purpose of the same: that we consult our account on the social network. Since it was not homemade, it has some limitations but if we are looking for a customer to move quickly through the different sections, this is definitely the application you are looking


A slightly green customer who suggests ways

Just open the application will show Folio with an embedded Web mobile home screen Facebook. We introduce our data and see that the application is a mix of what we would see if we come from the web and integration made by the creator to make certain disclosures in other site and make that information is kept tidy.

If you slide your finger to the right from the left frame will draw accordion menu from which we can access all groups, pages, reports, etc. we have outstanding. We do not mark them with a notice in red as the official but when ordering it is much cleaner and more efficient than the official Facebook application.

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When publishing content, operation is the same as in the official app and the mobile web: same distribution, identical options … Nothing is lost. Furthermore, animations and jumps from one place to another fairly agile applications, something I greatly appreciated.

However, Folio is still a little green and must be given time to continue to grow. When doing some interactions it is still a little slow. For example, when we will publish an update and want to add a mood or tag to someone else takes up the menus.

Also the option you have in the menu on the left to access the options is not updated with our profile picture and the truth is still a tad boring. Probably all this stay corrected later but to read Facebook is a sufficiently comprehensive and useful tool today.

Folio to Facebook

Folio for Facebook Social Networks

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Creative Trends
  • Download: Google Play

News Folio for Facebook is an alternative client to better manage the content that the official was originally published in Engadget Android by Juan Carlos Gonzalez .

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Folio is an alternative to Facebook client that manages the content better than the official
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August 7, 2015

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