Ford and Sony will experience premium sound from home to car

Ford and Sony will sound experience the car home premium

Ford and Sony have managed to bring premium sound experience that can be enjoyed in a house car thanks to a new algorithm, speakers and amplifier High quality and Clear Phase technology.

The new Ford Explorer Platinum hit the market with two revolutionary technologies in sound thanks to the partnership between the automaker and Sony. The aim is to bring the premium experience sound of the best hi-fi vehicle incorporating the algorithm Live Acoustics and Clear Phase technology.

The makers promise that with this sound system” will fall off your socks. “

To develop the algorithm chose to rely on Giro Shiraishi (Sony Philharmonic Orchestra) as director of the engineers who created the algorithm. Shiraishi was commissioned to model it for the experience they have with this algorithm on home computers reliably be moved to the car. To do engineers spent more than 100 hours adjusting the sound system in the Ford Explorer.

The Explorer debuted in 1991 and is the vehicle number of sales leader in its 25 year history in its segment.

The core of the system has 12 high-power loudspeakers placed at 10 locations carefully selected and amplified by a stage of highly efficient Class D. The final assembly power is 500 watts and the subwoofer size is 8 inches. As a novelty, speaker coils, instead of round are square (assert that improve efficiency and heat dissipation), and cubretweeters, which have bars translucent to preserve the integrity the sound.

 premium sound experience

As for the Clear Phase technology, it allows the user to be able to differentiate the location of each instrument around the car eliminating sound dispersion, which allows music to focus on specific areas.

However, it is important to emphasize that nothing all this technological compendium serves to convert the Ford Explorer in the car with premium sound better experience if reproducing an MP3 too comprimidio. This premium quality, so think Flac to make the most the efforts Giro Shiraishi and his team.


Ford and Sony will experience premium sound from home to car
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April 22, 2015

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