Four very uncomfortable prostitutes to Morocco

The film ‘Much loved’ (li Zin fik), screened at Cannes, has been banned in Morocco.
narrates the lives of four prostitutes in this country.
has caused a firestorm of controversy for its crude language and its portrait of the city of Marrakech as a mecca of sex tourism.
 Much loved

A film about the lives of four prostitutes by the Moroccan Nabil Ayuch has been banned in Morocco after cause a huge controversy for its crude language and portrayal of what It is an open secret: the city of Marrakech as the Mecca of sex tourism

The Ministry of Communications made this public week its decision. Film will not be authorized “because carries a serious outrage to moral values and Moroccan women, besides being a blatant attack on the country’s image”.

The movie Much loved (Zin li fik) has just been projected at Cannes outside the official section, apparently with a discreet welcome, but the appearance of an extract of the film was enough to arouse public feeling since last week in both Social Networks and media .

In the film, four prostitutes share their home and their lives, their joys and frustrations, and speak openly of the behavior of its Gulf Arab clients in mass parties, and alcohol watered money as well as Europeans seeking sex with minors or transvestites.

Realities known to all and which also contribute to making Marrakesh a tourist capital as the Atlas Mountains and snakes of Djemaa el Fna square. A page has been circulating these days in the last days Facebook openly titled “All for the execution of Lubna Abidar (main actress of the film) and Nabil Ayuch” which has come to add several hundreds of ‘me like ‘and endless hurtful comments.

An unknown Moroccan association for the defense of the citizen filed a complaint against Ayuch and Abidar because the film “directly harms Marrakech and their wives and more generally to Morocco, “according to the site Telquel its president, Mustafa Hasnaui


Even the imam of a mosque in Sale, a city near Rabat , used the Friday sermon to criticize a film “that incite debauchery and promotes among Moroccans the pornography and illegitimate relations: foreign kisses a woman and then take it to bed, both naked, it is that movie?” he asked

Nabil Abidar Ayuch and Lubna have granted numerous interviews to radio, television and web portals which have had to be justified by the choice of subject and normally use unpronounceable words in a Puritan society as Moroccan.

“The reality, of course it can disturb (Ayuch said the portal Le360 ) Do we accept to look in the mirror? If we do not, others will do it in our place, “he reasoned the filmmaker, characterized by selecting topics controversial in his films.

Ayuch acknowledged that it has not made a film for all audiences and nevertheless confident that pass the filter of “viewing fee” (a euphemism for the agency censorship ) by passing all films, domestic or foreign, before having permission to display in the country.

The commission could have qualified the film for “over 16 years “ or to claim the manager to cut certain scenes , but the Moroccan Cinematographic Center sent an advance party to Cannes to attend the screening and opposed his refusal clear. “It’s a subtle film is not for everyone or to pass it on television, because cinema is no longer a means of public (but) if the Moroccan public is ripe for certain foreign images, why not see ruts by local? “wondered Ayuch before knowing the ban.

” The problem (Bukhari wrote commentator Karim) is not the film that almost nobody has seen, but sex tourism . In Morocco, this tourism is not a fiction but a reality. Not the film Ayuch which invented it. We know it, we live it, we are debating and even laughed at times, but we refuse to see it on the screen as other Moroccan tell us about it. ”

And the (im) morality of the film has not been the only problem in a country still debate about whether art should be “clean” proclaims the ruling Justice and Development Party (Islamist). The film has also been criticized for showing a negative image of the country and demonstrate unequivocally one of those phenomena that Do not speak loudly .

Four very uncomfortable prostitutes to Morocco
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May 31, 2015

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