Free software tools for programming in Windows

Free software tools for programming in Windows

Here's a very complete list of free software for Windows programming IDE, text editors, language implementers a...

Here’s a very complete list of free software for Windows programming IDE, text editors, language implementers and more

<. p> Those who advocate the use of free software href=”” can not always lead by example, especially labor issues. But always href=”” more options it seems. If you are a programmer and you are forced to use an operating system like Windows href=”” you can always serve you free software program compatible with it, and that’s what I propose.

  • Mono: free version of the Microsoft development platform, based on standards ECMA (European Computer Manufacturers Association) and CLR (Common Language Runtime), the runtime environment of common language. It has a very active community. It should have before the href=”” MS Visual C ++ to install.

  • href=”” SharpDevelop IDE (integrated development environment), an integrated development environment for various programming languages ​​: C #, Visual Basic .NET, C #, Python, Ruby, Boo and C ++. For C # in Microsoft .NET, previously you required to have href=”″ installed. NET Framework 4.0, and it is recommended to also install the .NET Framework Software Development Kit, version 4.0, but not required. Other options are href=”” Eclipse C / C ++ SR2 Moon, CodeLite > Open Watcom C / C ++, wxDev-C ++ and href=”” Dev-C ++ C / C ++; href=”” NetBeans IDE Java EE, BlueJ and href=”” Moon Eclipse Java EE Java SR2; href=”” Open Watcom Fortran, of course, Fortran; Racket href=”” Scheme, MzScheme and MrEd; href=”” Lazarus and its extensions for 64-bit Windows and WinCE, for the compiler Free Pascal href=”” ; href=”” Qt Creator to develop Qt applications, library multiplatform graphical user interfaces; href=”” Eiffel Studio to Eiffel language; and the great href=”” Geany and Light Table.

  • free text editor oriented programming, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. It has a number of tools to edit, manage files and customize them with its own macro language and dozens of plugins. It works with href=”” Java. Other options are > Komodo Edit > Notepad ++, and SciTE.

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  • There are various implementers programming languages ​​, and Scala, which has characteristics of functional programming and oriented and requires Java; CLISP href=”” (for Common Lisp), which it contains an interpreter, compiler, debugger and other tools; href=”” Qpad (for Q), based on term rewriting and an IDE included to edit and run programs; Erlang href=”” to concurrent programming and fault tolerant systems; href=”” SWI-Prolog to Prolog, of course; href=”” Ruby Installer for Ruby, the interpreter of this language extensions and an editing environment and implementation; Python href=”” increasingly employed so that it is simple and elegant; Euphoria href=”” , easy, flexible, multiplatform and very fast; href=”” GNAT Programming Studio, Ada; and href=”” Haskell Platform to program in pure functional language Haskell and brings the compiler Glasgow Haskell Compiler. Moreover, href=”” Parrot is a virtual machine runs efficiently all kinds of dynamic languages ​​<. strong>

  • > BASIC compiler of 32 bits and similar to that of MS-QuickBASIC syntax, but more advanced, with pointers, object orientation, and so on.

  • XML Copy Editor: edit XML files, to authorize documents DTD, XML Schema or RELAX NG, performing XSLT transformations, XPath expressions testing and more. Alternatively href=”” Serna Free. And href=”” XTrans is a editor XSLT template which can also be tested. XPath

  • version control system from which we can draw on are Subversion, developed to replace CVS (Concurrent Version System, with your client TortoiseSVN, which is integrated in the Windows Shell; href=”” darcs, interactive and programmed in Haskell; monotone, where every client is also a server; Git, perfect for large projects; href=”” Mercurial Light and fast for large projects distributed; and href=”” WinCVS, for access to servers CVS (Concurrent Version System) with a simple graphical interface.

  • href=”” Bugzilla it is a utilizadísimo Bug Tracking System (bug tracking system), you need Perl for use. href=”” Trac, a wiki that integrates and requires Pynthon, and MantisBT, based in PHP and MySQL, MS SQL or PostgreSQL, are other options.

  • We have editors gettext catalogs for translation, and href=”” Virtaal to files .po and .mo and other formats (TBX, TMX, XLIFF, Qt Linguist, Qt Phrase Book and WordFast TM); and href=”” Poedit to po files, for which the source code is free, but not later versions installer to the 1.5.7.

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  • Regular Expression Editor: tests the PCRE (Perl Compatible Regular Expressions), sequences of characters in a search pattern, and check your correction. We can also use regular expressions testator href=”” Visual RegExp.

  • > create user interfaces for GTK + and GNOME <. p>

  • href=”” wxWidgets: a C ++ library to develop interfaces Graphical User (GUI) that can be compiled on many platforms. Also it has href=”” wxFormBuilder generator visual graphical interfaces. On the other hand, href=”” Pencil used to produce prototypes of graphical interfaces that can then be exported in different formats.

  • href=”” Inno Setup and Inno Setup Tool: the first is a tool for create program installers from scripts, which would result a bit cumbersome to develop manually if it had the second tool, used to generating installation scripts visually. Other options are href=”” NSIS and its complement HM NIS Edit href=”” IzPack, Java, and WiX for Windows.

  • GnuWin32 Indent: changes the appearance of a C program including or removing blanks, performs conversions between different writing styles in this format and help make the code more readable

  • Doxygen: documentation system for C, C ++, Java, IDL, Objective-C and partially C #, PHP and D is able to generate in HTML, RTF, PostScript, LaTeX and man of Unix from source application.

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