Freemium, the model’s next game

Things are changing in Android and games will no longer be the same because all large companies are developing games freemium service. The reasons? Here in AndroidZone you count them


Freemium model refers to two modes of operation in one, Free (Free) and Preemium , this means that you buy a product (in this case an application) for free and within it you can get them to pay for extra services. Translated to the world of Android games means you can download the application but if you do not invest in improvements such as weapons or cars you will never complete because of the difficulty of it is intended to do.

There are several reasons why that this business model is successful, and while it is not my specialty economic issues, it is easy to detect that when we buy an application while it is the only time we pay for the service while a freemium application can generate more revenue as they constantly throw new improvements or additions for which we pay.

In Android we have some examples of freemium games that are really difficult to move forward without buy upgrades such as Dead or Zombiewood Trigger, in which the difficulty of the game increases exponentially while the points earned by the missions are not enough to get the best weapons available in the game, because there are weapons that we could never get unless you pay for them.

Many can say that this form of launch games violates the gamer experience, and are right. Personally I’d rather pay for the game but then can proceed without the need to buy upgrades, like a PC title. The freemium model takes some games to life, and that is undeniable. However there are two reasons why this model is that it comes: piracy and user preference.

Android piracy is nothing new, and apparently the freemium model curbs the same . Proof of this is that the major brands of Android games have already adopted such as Gameloft, Gamevil and EA recently. But there is another reason, which is that it may seem incongruous for users prefer to pay for improvements within the application that the application itself even when it involves spending more money. A simple dresses the ranking of the 100 highest-grossing apps shows clearly that those freemium worn comfortably ahead.


numbers in the following pattern is observed: in 2012 the presence of games payments was of at least 20 titles in the top 100 highest-grossing apps while to date there are only 7, the numbers can vary seguún region and device but I think you get the idea. Best positioned are Need for Speed ​​Most Wanted (58), Minecraft PE (60), Asphalt 7: Heat (80), Asphalt 6: Adrenaline (84), Where’s My Water? Through (88), Wild Blood (94) and Football Manager Handheld 2013 (95).

perspective is understandable that developers always intended to make the best possible economic return your product, and it comes as the user who complains because he sees Play as Google is “plague” of freemium games. For more disappointing as it sounds, freemium is the trend that has been for all developers and big games, and apparently there is a change of direction on the horizon.

Blame shared for piracy and users, healthiest thing left to do is accept this new model and gamer experience if we are not satisfied as well, will have to migrate to the PC or consoles to mitigate our gaming desires.

You who think about it? You agree with the freemium model?

Freemium, the model’s next game
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February 20, 2013

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