From Hulk Hogan to The Rock: the titans of the wrestling that ended up in the film


With Dwayne Johnson become superstar globally, is officially considered closed by the curse that is said to come from the world of wrestling was a stigma from which an actor could not be zafar. Decades of films are horrendous Hulk Hogan had settled that topic of that it seemed that no titan hipermusculado and preferably bald could break loose.

But it is not only “The Rock”. John Cena leads almost from the beginning of his career as a wrestler, but also in its disfrutona filmography, cultivating a mood autoparódico very healthy. And Dave Batista, apparently limited by his physical, has been shown in movies as ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and ‘Blade Runner 2049’ that can be an actor with a side of twilight to keep in mind.

In the new video of ‘Everything is a lie in film and television’, we we ripped open the shirt, do the St. Vitus dance and we organize a Royal Rumble with a few fans of the steroids that have gone from the ring to the screen, with unequal fortune, but he became in myths by the way. André the Giant Jesse Ventura, no low blows or marrullerías -except demands of the script. It Gong!

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From Hulk Hogan to The Rock: the titans of the wrestling that ended up in the film
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July 26, 2018

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