Full control of all the sensors on your Android


One is surprised at the number of sensors that can have a smartphone , a good example is the S4. And oddly enough is that our phones increasingly control parameters around them. A very interesting and gives multifunction smartphones beyond the usual functions. Since then there has been a long journey from that mythical metal detector application today.

The proof of this is the huge number of sensors used in many applications and games. There is something for all tastes and colors, from gyroscope, through temperature sensors, proximity, pressure, etc.. So n many and each has its particular utility.

A good way to know how far can your smartphone, to monitor the sensors and know much more about it are the applications that let us see and control as list or Android Sensor Sensor Box . Some applications that can guide us a little deeper into this sea of ​​sensors.

Sensor List

As said earlier, it is surprising the amount of sensors that monitor everything that surrounds the smartphone . They are a good list and Sensor can list all real-time viewing. Something very useful if you suspect that something is not working as it should on your smartphone.

sensor list also can also give you a good idea if you are a developer and you’re thinking about creating an application. With this application you can view everything your phone has to offer in terms of “sensitivity” concerns. Interestingly also able to display temperature sensors and voltage of the battery, which can also help to evaluate to what extent may be failing.

We also provides information about the manufacturer and some other details that may give more clues if we need assistance or just curious about what manufacturers have built.

Application on Google Play

Android Sensor Box

In the same line we have Android Sensor Sensor List Box. An application that collects more visual manner all information some of our smartphone sensors (the most typical). Very complete, we represented information graphics and animations as the sensors are working our mobile or tablet.

android sensors

Perhaps this is a less specialized but no less interesting. Though not covering all technical aspects what it does do is show results more understandable and equally effective to know if any of the sensors of our phone is not working properly.

graphically Although not best, is still a useful tool for both satisfy our curiosity, our terminal testing in the different modes of analysis that has to learn and understand a little more how they work.

Application on Google Play

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Full control of all the sensors on your Android
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June 15, 2013

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