Galak-Z hit iOS and Android phones

It will do next year.
17-Bit and GungHo Online Entertainment America have announced that Galak- Z , independent of PlayStation 4 , will come to mobile devices both iOS and Android next year.
In this new version will be changed The subtitle of a Variant Dimensional Mobile and the conversion will be made thinking on these platforms, so touch controls and a different interface view consoles will be added.
“Galak- Z: Variant Mobile have all the high-explosive action of the original game, but optimized for mobile so players can play anywhere “said Jake Kazdal, the head of 17-Bit <. br />
Galak-Z are a space pilot who fights against hordes of enemies in scenarios generated procedural way . We will have rapid fire and guided missiles. You can discover what we thought was their version of PS4 in the following link .


Galak-Z hit iOS and Android phones
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August 26, 2015

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