Galaxy Note 5 arrives in 128GB Korea, Edge S6 + in pink to China

Edge Galaxy S6 Plus 1

This year we had no ration Galaxy Note in Europe. Todavía, at least . But another surprise in the presentation of Note 5 in Europe was the lack of high-capacity versions. The 128 GB version did not appear, and that was (along with the lack of microSD cards), a las great criticism.

But extra versions sweep from Asia and today we get two developments. This version of 128GB is planted in South Korea, while China is a variant of Edge Galaxy S6 + el fashion color. rose gold

 Note 5

In the case of Note 5 of 128 GB, have called Winter Special Edition , comes to South Korea and it does so at the cost of the 64GB version to celebrate Christmas, the statement of the brand itself.

So Samsung is completing catalog, at least in the East, and it is unknown whether these new versions come to Europe. The case is even more confusing to the Note 5, which is not sold in any form in our region, although the latest reports pointed to his arrival in January.

From Samsung limited to remark that in S6 Edge + Galaxy its focus remains still in great phones. Therefore, we have to wait some more if we want to see the latest generation of the Note line. Arriving in January, it would position itself as terminal Samsung last batch, now that seems clear that to the CES will not see the Galaxy S7 , as had been rumored.

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Galaxy Note 5 arrives in 128GB Korea, Edge S6 + in pink to China
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December 18, 2015

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