GAME detailing his exclusive reservation campaign for Mafia III

an issue with the season pass will be offered.
GAME has announced its reservations campaign for Mafia III, in which the exclusive Deluxe Edition GAME, offering the whole experience will be included at the same price . official standard edition title

An edition with season pass and gift DLCs

This edition, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox one and PC, can only be found at gAME , and will include the full game plus the Pass season , which will give access to all digital content being published.

also added GAME two gifts to reservations : the early access for 30 days, exclusive GAME, the DLC Judge, Jury and Executioner , which contains three emblematic weapons designed only for one purpose and DLC Family Support , which includes three vehicles and weapons themed lieutenant. If you want to know more of these contents, href=”” can do here

The war criminal New Bourdeaux

in Mafia III we will go to New Bourdeaux , a city inspired by New Orleans in the 1968 , moving through the underworld, making contacts with the mafia and entering the war of interests and bands of the time. As we say, will arrive on October 7 to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.
 GAME detailing his campaign exclusive reserve for Mafia III

GAME detailing his exclusive reservation campaign for Mafia III
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September 6, 2016

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