‘Game of Thrones’ 6×03: Returns and vendettas

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Update : Many eye, in this article there is spoilers of the episode 6×03 of ‘Game of Thrones’

I am loving the sixth season of ‘Game of Thrones’ . Go ahead this clarification before entering the field with ‘Perjury’ , the third episode in which the big question of all was to know how they would deal with the end of last week which many-what Entertainment Weekly was especially sangrante- showed his joy to release spoilers with a speed that would embarrass Barry Allen .

it is no coincidence that both the start and the end of ‘Perjury’ revolves around the story, but in between we had a chance to see most of the rest of fronts, where perhaps have lacked major events of those that leave you with your mouth open, but the series has returned to show their strengths around all events and essential ins and outs to give more authority to those moments of greatest instant impact .

The return of ‘Perjury’

Jon Snow Game of Thrones Revive

they spoke aware of it that even those who were still wanting to believe he would stay dead we get a big surprise with the return among the living of Jon Snow. The really interesting thing was knowing if it really was the same or we would find something more in line Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane.

Weiss and Benioff have not walked with rodeos and have chosen to recover as it is, although I must confess that I too would have doubted it after making a joke gracefully when it has always been a bit sinsangre. As expected, most of the characters has reacted quite different ways, but, curiously, the most interesting detail has been totally isolated from Jon and has been associated with the seemingly inevitable separation of Sam and Gilly . Well, that if his family is still the same, that I have my doubts …

However, the return of Jon has not been the only one of this episode is to see that one of the other does not end having as much or more importance. Clearly, the most surprising is the reappearance of Osha and Rickon , preceded by a fascinating conversation between Ramsay and Umber which makes clear that the latter has dared to spare for anything. It seems unlikely, but something tells me that there might be some kind of trap …

Flashback Perjury Thrones Game

Meanwhile, Bran returns to the past with that series of visions they are serving to gradually clarify a number of very rich detail, but for the moment chosen to cut give rise to continue these speculations that both amuse some fans. In addition, it is easy for the viewer to connect more than done so far with it because of the frustration felt by not being able to go there when in the real world is nothing but a cripple.

Special mention should combat with swords , a formality for which I have always felt weaker than any other, though not averse to do other fights such as , the some great film released recently -. There is a special epic in the greater importance of the physical and here we capture to perfection by much that in itself does not stand out with special intensity over other fighting seen so far in the series.


We could also qualify as return trip Daenerys tax to meet other widows , since it represents a return to a stage in which the character was much more fragile. And then we could say that was reborn at the end of the first season and has been gaining mettle since then, this will be the same although destination shown otherwise-that awaits when a decision is made for not being faithful to the fate that awaits all the wives of Khal when her husband dies? It seems likely, and would also give another meaning to it when actually undertaken course toward King’s Landing …

Of course, by the time I get there I have my doubts about who will be in charge, because in Tommen reunion with the Supreme Sparrow again to stay clear how easy it is to placate the young monarch and steer you in the direction that you are most interested. This can not end well, and less so having two sides facing each other, with the aggravating circumstance that his family is part of one of them. And let’s not forget either what he said the prophecy about the children of Cersei …

The revenge of ‘Perjury’

Olly Death Game Of Thrones

We are back again with Jon Snow to start vengeance, and inevitably some of it is on the need to execute those who conspired against him to end his life. Otherwise, what would have prevented act otherwise if he would also resign? Nor should we forget that little moment of doubt in which surely remember that he already knows the place that will send and probably weighing whether really deserve . Is it just me or Kit Harington has best performed in this episode than anything seen in the series so far?

Nor do I like to forget the difference when dealing with the death of traitors from cowardice and incomprehension of some to the knowledge to be be Allister , a character that surely many we hate more or less intensity, but here are dismissed without betraying their ideals and head high , something anyone should know how to value. In the case of Olly others have remarked more time, but that small impasse of Jon Snow without actually saying anything longer have the strength to tell us all what was needed in this regard.

Game of Thrones Cersei Jaime Perjury

However, true revenge is what is scheming Cersei , who already know from the trailers that will not hesitate to choose violence to resolve this latent conflict we know that explode sooner rather than later. His hatred for what happened was once again demonstrated and is just collecting information until their -now moment she and the audience know he has everything to lose, hence allowing the council “torearla” -.

Also in a transition period until we take revenge for what happened to Tyrion and Varys. Today was the second great protagonist letting us see his methods of “seduction” to get the necessary information, but the former has starred the funniest part of the episode with that awkward moment alone with Grey Worm and Missandei both by his inability to connect with them as certain confusion of the kind what she meant by a game because of their previous experiences. A few minutes of comic relief that have come from fable to the episode.


to the end I left Arya , which has had time to both vendettas, although in this case to illustrate that has turned off the flame his, as for comebacks, as they hardly have been necessary a few episodes to see again. Personally, is what has less interested me ‘Perjury’ , since I see only two alternatives and none convinces me a lot: That Arya is being sincere and has embraced this existential anonymity or has simply learned to -llegando simulate well enough maybe even believe it herself-and sooner or later again be the one we know.

All this is very nuanced, but I see the possibility of a future really stimulating short-term either by the need to extend it until I get back on track or take a passive role because I directly seems squander big character. I hope that surprised me , because it is all of this sixth season is not convincing me too, and that there have been some dramatic effects maybe a free pelín in previous episodes, but to me have liked


Now we have to wait another week to see a new episode that seems to have a lot of frames importance of that there has been no sign in ‘Perjury’. Nor have I missed, and that in the previous two episodes had done a good job with them, but do not have time to think about those who are not when you enjoy both an episode .

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‘Game of Thrones’ 6×03: Returns and vendettas
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May 9, 2016

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