‘Game of Thrones’ 6×08: Decision Making

Update : Spoilers everywhere chapter ‘6×08’: “No”. You warned quedais.


After two weeks of delving into military strategies, the chapter of this week, ‘No one’ has returned to action a ‘Game of Thrones’ , but without going into great battle. Lately we had missed some blood, but “No” reveled has us -patrocinadas by The Clegane- scenes that could be included in the top gore series. And it has restored somehow what we would consider a natural order; if there is in this game, in which evil and goodness are not ways of living, but somewhat variable, moldable, questionable and service of interest (individual or collective).

It all depends on what is at stake. Jaime remembered as Lord Edmure (the true Lord), “things we do for love …” , parafraseándose himself and thus making a nod to that phrase with which, as in the first episode, let us clear that this was not a number any)

‘Game of thrones’ 6×08. <- - more>: ‘no one’


“I’m Arya Stark of Winterfell . and I go home. “

Arya set the pace of the chapter. First, with the initial joy to confirm what we already intuited (which is difficult to kill) and is not bipolar, despite this fandom theory that was raging in Reedit. After making us suffer with the moment of greatest tension of the episode: that flight through the streets of Braavos with the female version of T1000 Terminator her heels while this time we inquietábamos herself a little. But Syrio training and the girl and teacher -now surpassed by his apprentice plus the wise decision to keep Needle and cunning to lead his pursuer to a blind trap saved him from death. Its destination, it has only been saved, because it has intervened.

She has decided to be somebody. A girl has a name. Not the episode has spared no dialectic epic, but the phrase Arya (and final decision) is more momentous than it seems, so it means: the Starks are recomposed; bad guys “lose”. That is the natural order that should govern and that has made Arya Arya and the girl is only a face bloodied in the hall of many faces. It is no coincidence that the sword that Jon gave him helped you. As Jon now helps Sansa. A new and hopeful future begins to take shape for Stark and that seemed to have disappeared from the map.

Love and honor in wartime


” I choose violence “

Cersei Lannister

Equally intense -a other levels has been the scene between Jaime and Brienne; making clear the gulf that separates them, yes. But they share more values, especially those who believe him. Lo de Brienne and Jaime is love because only who loves you is able to get the better of you; Brienne acts only honor and nobody knows how to practice fair play. Jaime is caught between his name and his true ethics. Something makes me think that it is paving the way for a new evolution of the character, following in the footsteps of Tyrion, and with the sword gives to Brienne something more than a piece of steel. Theory revalidated saw him sigh when their paths separate again.

As for Cersei, its end could be near It’s something unspoken. Has lost its authority and has been relegated literally and metaphorically to the gallery, with “the other ladies of the court” . And their only asset so far, The Mountain, is useless without a trial by combat. We could say that Tommen has sold his own mother for love / infatuation (and the Mother Festival, for more irony). but not more than a boy / puppet in the hands of Faith

However, his birdies -the former Varys news agency have informed him that might still have another ace up his sleeve; Cersei is a woman of resources and a warrior mother. And Faith is stealing the only child she has left: It is at this point when we remember that we can not (yet) rejecting its power, despite the evil that paints the future for her

conflicting Spotlights <. / h2>


A Jaime it has not forgotten the things you can do for that wild and irrational love for family and resorted to blackmail to convince Lord Edmure to become in the trojan horse como well he aimed Marina last week, both needed to win the siege. The argument of the blood did not help the Black Fish but for Lord Edmure “take” is also another decision, although forced: surrender the castle. Riverrun is, with this move and the death of Pez Black, who still opposed and did not support the truce, territory Frey.

It is consumed as well the execution of the plan that started in the Red Wedding, but at the same time, another possible revenge begins: with the Tully army being “peacefully conducted north” and available to fight, the empowerment of the Stark is increasingly real. The ultimate test will be fought next, in “The Battle of the bastards” that names the episode week. At the same time, Lady Crane reminded us in rhyme an unresolved conflict: revenge for the death of Joffrey, Sansa that can kill if Cersei gets his threat.


what also remains to be decided is the future of men released by Daenerys and of his reign in Meereen. His triumphal entry into plan “is that you can not leave it alone” could not have come at a better time. The masters do not understand honor and do not play by the same rules that serve in King’s Landing to defend a surname or rule a kingdom; have violated the agreement, leaving Tyrion, for the first time, no arguments. Luck with dragons and Varys on a diplomatic mission.

The way to introduce the plot has also been a lesson in how to “exploit” our minds, by the grace of dramatic turn: when we were taking a break with Tyrion playing monologues and doing what impossible to get friends drunk, even when we managed to see smile Grey Worm and everything seemed in (unreal) calm, reality bursts as enemy fleet sowing chaos and changing the outlook of the applicant Daenerys. It is hoped that another fleet (the Sons of Iron headed by Euron Greyjoy or Theon and Yara) star in another triumphant scene in the future and that the Dothraki also have their moment of glory in the conflicts of his Khaleesi.

Dog: ex-murderers anonymous Brotherhood of Estandartes


The absence of Sandor Clegane all this time does not prevent us understand your evolution. we enough that perplexing scene to amish sharing his life-his way- with a new community and seeking redemption, as has sufficed us another scene to understand that there is no redemption possible with a pending revenge when something has destroyed and obscured the whole process of humanization. His carnicera vein has been reawakened and Brotherhood without Banners comes at the right time to persuade him.

That ends joining them would be a radical transformation (almost more than his brother) of his character in the series: share destination that once wanted to kill his brother, whom he killed (Beric is the unusual case that Melissandre spoke before resurrecting Jon Snow) and rebel against the Lannisters, who previously served. For certain characters, it is also honored reviewable concept as kindness: he saw also protect Arya, even when led to his own death.

play an important role, now he’s back? Are Arya faces will appear on your way back home? Maybe it’s one of the frames that ‘Battle of the Bastards’ ignore for supply comfortable with the war in the north, which promises a good dose of epic, judging by the trailer.

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‘Game of Thrones’ 6×08: Decision Making
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June 13, 2016

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