‘Game of Thrones’ has ended, but we always remain memes


“Meme”: said the “combination of image and text, humor most of the times, I circulated on the Internet” (Wikipedia dixit). For fans of ‘Game of Thrones’ an outlet to express feelings towards the show, making fun of a character or express their anger at George RR Martin. It’s that relief in .jpg or .png that allows us to beat a dead horse and minimizing their importance format, laughing even the most serious.

With the troubles that He has given us series in this end of the fifth season, it is not surprising that Internet is filled these days memes threatening Olly or begging the author of Song of Ice and Fire that not even think about touching Tyrion. It is our right to tantrum, to laugh, to curse … knowing that we’re already looking forward to the sixth season to return to torture us. Such is life for a follower of ‘Game of Thrones’: pure contradiction

When memes create characters

Jorah is the perfect target. <- - More!> all kinds of cyber mockery. His unrequited love and loyalty to Khalessi despite the rejection of this, until now identified in his two terms meme version: “friendzone” and “Friend Zone” . The Daenerys own teases him constantly ignores his whatsapps E.





Of course, not everything will be trouble for the poor Ser Jorah. For who has not ever been caught in the friendzone longer than you would like? The same internet that tease your pagafantismo whenever Khalessi has left in evidence are the same offer their support and solidarity, organizing Facebook events.

But I also suggest you other possible series or even films that move where maybe your character you would better things. Beware Swipper, Jorah! That elusive fox try steal it all … Good thing you have your friend Boots.




Valar Morgulis: all men must die


The reaction to the deaths is the issue that most memes and gifs generated. Logical, given the obscene amount of characters that die in this damn HBO. Some are sad (the least); others may exhibit the black mood over naming Stannis Baratheon “Father of the Year” or beg the author to let him be, that’s enough. . Useless, George RR Martin find a way to hurt you






Love / hate George RR Martin

It is responsible for all these deaths have left us worse body than the first time we ‘Verano Azul’ small. We thought it was a trauma but did not know the good George, which feeds our anger and our pain. By the way, should leave him alone, he can still kill Tyrion …





A rich bullshit

In addition to commenting frames, gifs memes and also serve to reinterpret … or invent our own stories. Some are very absurd and recognize them as such . But is it not absurd humor the basis of our education, and ensures that group of Facebook? Confess! Confess! Confess!







Images | Facebook (thanks to the invaluable contributions of the fans in Game Memes and Tyrion Lannister )
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‘Game of Thrones’ has ended, but we always remain memes
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June 17, 2015

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