Get caught to a professional player of Counter-Strike cheating

His entire team has been dismantled as a result of its cheating in a tournament.

A professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been caught cheating at a tournament. Not only that: it tried to prevent judges will check your computer and failed to delete the hack before being discovered.

Nikhil Kumawat, known as the Forsaken, is a team player professional OpTic India. It has been discovered to be cheating against the computer Revolution of Vietnam in the tournament Extremeland Zowie Asia being held in Shanghai.

Kumawat had called the attention of judges and attendees, who suspected that there was something happening. Therefore, a judge for the tournament agreed to his computer and managed to prevent that the player manipulated his computer to clear the hack. The small scuffle was recorded on video:

The player was using a aimbot, a program that allows you to set enemies in our sight. As A result of the use of traps, all his team was disqualified, and was expelled to the player of the same.

Your computer also suffers the consequences

After becoming official, the penalty against OpTic Indicates, the company has decided to dismantle all the equipment, so that the rest of the players have been left without the space to play.

Nikhil Kumawat is facing a possible deportation lifetime of the tournaments of Counter-Strike. And it is this is not the first time you get caught cheating: he had already been expelled in 2017 of the tournaments in ESL after being detected by the system to cheat the own Valve.

Catch a pro player of Counter-Strike cheating

Get caught to a professional player of Counter-Strike cheating
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October 21, 2018

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