Gets Byte, the rightful heir to the spiritual Vine. What will be hollow to Instagram and TikTok?

The times of rise and fall are more marked in the digital domain, in the that come to mind several examples. One of them is the Vine, app of short videos (six seconds) in a loop, launched in 2013 previous acquired by Twitter and the company finiquitó official in 2017. The newly arrived Byte is perceived as the heir to the spiritual and conceptual of that social network, remembered with affection for his community.

The evocation is due to the common features, and to behind figure Dom Hofmann, one of the creators of Vine. “We bring the videos in the loop of six seconds and a new community for the people who love them. Is called a Byte, and combines the familiar and the new. Hopefully, people who feel that he was missing something”, was published by the social network in your profile official Twitter.

The message is evidence of the focus on the nod to the viners that in some way we were orphans, look complemented with the meaning that expresses the motto of ‘Creativity first’ (‘creativity-first’). This ties in with the announcement that it will soon introduce a pilot version of its program of partners, directed to pay to the creators, after that Byte points to the importance it attached to compensate for these.

The reception from users has been positive, as has been mentioned the own Hofmann, who at the time wanted to inform that work in the incorporation of improvements and features.

Byte, which can be downloaded free of charge for iOS and Android, arrives in a context defined by to Enter and the phenomenon around TikTok, the addictive social network that sweeps between the younger and that is governed by the short videos. The big question is if Byte, with an arrangement of content in the vertical as the TikTok, will be consolidated in the midst of giants.

Vine lived its period of splendor in 2013 and 2014, and later succumbed to the evolution of Instagram (once you integrated the videos), the change in the strategy of Facebook and to the emergence of Snapchat. Twitter announced its closure in October 2016, a fact that was consummated in January 2017.

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Gets Byte, the rightful heir to the spiritual Vine. What will be hollow to Instagram and TikTok?
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January 29, 2020

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