Gift collections (IV): “Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation”

Following our review of the best action games (come and arcade, driving, etc.) for our section ahead of Christmas, today we talk about Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation .

Now we have spoken of the next delivery of the series here and, really, the evolution seems more interesting. But until it reaches the fourth iteration, you can dip into this Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation to whet the appetite.

The game, like NOVA 3 is Gameloft development . And not only in the developer agree both titles. Firts Person Shooter action pure and . Of course, while NOVA 3 is a futuristic title, MC3 provides a modern conflict, evolving today.

In the wake of the previous installments as to approach infinity Playable and current FPS the argument, MC3 presents a joint U.S. invasion by Pakistan, Korea and Russia. Come on, the argument trilladísimo invasions countries “terrorists”. The campaign is divided into 13 missions , is quite varied scenarios and situations. Not only have the typical mission of completing a phase ending with all the enemies in our way, but it will have to meet targets escort, destruction of certain artifacts, etc.

Yes, the game freckle of progress through the stages very pasillero and pulling much of scripts , putting virtually infinite enemies respawn and a null IA in our wake to hold up progress.

The other pillar the title is its multiplayer 12 people , being really balanced and complete both modes as weaponry and mapping. Yes, in the days I was playing was rather expensive to find game.

Graphically the title is a luxury . And not only highlights the overall graphic quality, if not quantity of vehicles, explosions and particle effects that we see on screen. All with a remarkable stability.Yes, buts another title is, as has become customary, the control . True, it is quite intuitive and above all, complete. But because of the number of shares that can be accomplished, it becomes somewhat imprecise on occasion.

Ultimately, another shooter to add to the list of great games which, unfortunately, are somewhat overshadowed by the linearity, the enemy AI and especially confusing control.

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Gift collections (IV): “Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation”
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December 2, 2012

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