GIPHY CAM is the camera final to create GIF with effects (APK)


GIPHY is the world standard for search and use animated GIF in a multitude of applications, but when creating your own animations [app for Android](The official app GIPHY is independent of Facebook) do not I served for nothing: it is only to look for GIF, not to create them.

Now we know why. GIPHY had an ace hidden in the sleeve: a specific application for create fantastic GIF with effects directly with the camera of your mobile. His name is GIPHY CAM and appeared yesterday for a brief period of time on Google Play in the access section beta, to be withdrawn later. Luckily, someone was quick to install and share the APK, and it is one of those apps that you can’t wait to try it out.

Effects in the camera

just open the application because the fun begins. Shows you the front-facing camera (although you can switch to the rear) and a button below where you can “create the magic”. The first row of buttons are colorful filters. There are monochromatic, style VHS, with muted colors, with 3D effect and pixelated. You can preview them in real-time.



GIPHY CAM has several stickers to add more sparkle to your creations. From cursor animated to a progress bar, a bomb or a window. You can move them around the screen, resize and rotate them, as well as to do a double tap to turn.


Masks for the face

they could Not miss the facial masks, which in this case are divided in two rows: one for combinations of eyes and mouths and other for only eyes, glasses, mouths, sunglasses, or other accessories. Do not automatically apply to your face, but you them to you manually where you think best.


magic Wand (or chroma)

One of the most impressive GIPHY Cam is the magic wand. Like its namesake in applications such as Photoshop, this wand allows you to replace parts of the image with any of the crazy funds, including. You must first tap on the part of the image that you want to change, and then can choose the intensity of the selection.


The funds included range from psychedelic compositions to clouds, pizza, burgers falling from the sky, a dolphin, or a tunnel of heart. Depends on if you want to use this tool to change the background or any other color, in which case the result is the less interesting.

Other layers

In an additional category are another type of stickers, or layers, that for some reason or another have not entered into the above classifications. There are several memes included here, from John Travolta puzzled until Alan Grant (Jurassic Park) noticing the breath of a dinosaur invisible.



Also, the frames animated have their little corner in GIHY CAM. The list starts out normal, with a frame of lines of the comic sleeve and the other of little hearts, but then drift into other things like Star Trek, the dog is the largest in the world, or a framework of unicorns, to name a few.



The list of things that you can add to the image ends with the texts. In this occasion you can choose between nine different styles to write what you want. The position and size of the text so you can change it later. Unlike the rest of stickers and layers, the text does not animate by itself.


Recording and export

once you’re happy with the effects, the recording button use the burst mode of your camera to record the end result. At the end, you have the option to save the result as a GIF, send by SMS, Facebook Messenger, upload it to Twitter, Instagram or share it in other applications as a video or as a GIF.

A curious aspect is that you can add even more effects to your GIF you just created, tapping on the icon of the cross. This button returns you to the editing window, where you can add more stickers, layers, effects or whatever you want.


At the time of creating the video, you can choose between three types of loop: ping-pong, forward, backward. Actually, although it sounds cliché, the only limit really is your imagination and you can create authentic works of art (in terms GIF) with this multi-tool.

we do Not know why it was removed from Google Play, although perhaps the world was not yet ready for so much power. In my tests I have not noticed any error or failure, beyond which the view camera seemed darker than it should be. If you want to try, you can download APK here.

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GIPHY CAM is the camera final to create GIF with effects (APK)
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October 4, 2016

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