Gliffy – Create flow diagrams on the web

Gliffy – Create flow diagrams on the web

Several months ago we showed you several alternatives to Microsoft Visio, some of them free and online (like, ideal for building flow charts of the most various kinds.

Now I will discuss an option that appeared recently in wwwhatsnew 7 years ago: , with extension for web browsers, Google Chrome application and plugin for it to be used on other platforms, such as Microsoft Office.

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The Gliffy diagram editor is fairly intuitive, with dozens of ways that can be dragged to create the desired plot (we can prove without registration). The result can synchronize our Google Drive account when using the Chrome app, allowing you to have and work from any device you want.

The free version only allows you to create 5 diagrams, with storage space 2 meg (Pretty when you consider that most of the diagrams contain only simple text blocks without images or video streams).

You can try it directly from their home page, which also has available several examples created with this tool, ideal to be able to verify the possibilities of the system and check if the tool you’re looking for when defining the flow chart of our personal and professional activities.

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