Glow Music: Visualize your music in a personalized

Many use the phone as a music player. We talked about some of the best players that are available in Android , for players in the cloud as Jukebox and even players and friends of the battery Holo style as Holo Music . So today, instead of talking about players talking about a supplement for these. Glow Audio Music Visualizer is an application that lets you view the music, and how!.

Just after starting the application the screen goes dark and appear contorles that control music. We have to change tracks (forward and reverse), pause or bookstore. The latter is linked to Google Play app, although this aspect can modify at will. The drawing makes Glow Music is the typical music devices we see the changes of different intensity and rhythm of the music we hear.

Glow Music can set different colors and themes to display, we have all the colors we can ask and the name of combinations and styles to create is immense The themes and styles can be saved to activate automatically using Tasker / Locale a consumer pleasure. Besides completely control the shape and color of the bars, the app shows the artist and theme we heard (if you use one of the major players). A very elegant and can be put to taste and a sister (fee) that works active wallpaper .

Download Audio Glow Music Visualizer

Download Audio Glow Music Live Wallpaper for € 0.77

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Glow Music: Visualize your music in a personalized
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