Gmail transformed into an organized board work

Transform Gmail into an organized board tasks

Create tasks and organize them by the method kanban directly from your inbox with Gmail SortD.

Kanban is a technique based on a card system whose objective is to facilitate communication between the different phases of development or production and ensure the quality of the final product. Kanban is simple and powerful at the same time. The simplest example of a Kanban system is a great board with cards or sticky notes placed in each column . The cards represent work items that flow through the development process represented by the columns.

Trello is the perfect example of implementation of this method and one of the favorite applications of team that makes it possible Hypertext . But why all the fuss about this method? Well, because it has significant advantages over the organization of work , time optimization and allocation of workloads, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the project or product that will end want to achieve.

If you have not yet had the opportunity to try this technique at work, today we give you a good reason for wanting to do so.



SortD is an extension for Chrome that provides new functionality to your Gmail email account. According to the Urban Dictionary , sort (e) d concerns a task or idea that has been completed. And as the name implies, SortD provides in the same workspace, a simple and intuitive way to plan and prioritize your e-mail and tasks ; so you can live the same user experience as Trello services, directly to your Gmail inbox.

Currently, SortD is Private Beta , so must request an invitation to try service. When you have received the invitation and the access code, you must download the Chrome extension. Once installed, right from your Gmail inbox you will see a small red tab that lets you select the SortD view, which is basically a kanban board where you can add and remove different tasks. To disable view just need to reselect the red tab, and everything will return to normal.

How it works

SortD shows all your emails in one panel to the left and Task boards on the right of the screen. Using it is as easy as drag and drop , so you can organize, relocate, and sort your emails in the various columns of the board. Change the subject of emails to identify better or add new tasks manually. Removed, create or modify the boards to your convenience and marks any element as “finished”, “archived” or “pending”. Clicking on an email can have a preview of it.

And to make the most, then we leave some tips you can continue to use SortD so more efficient:

  • Create a panel entitled “ Today “; so every morning, go to your inbox and adds important emails that need to be addressed with priority.

  • Similarly, create another board entitled “ Later “; thus, if an email must be addressed tomorrow or in a few days you can add search. When you get the date indicated, add it to your board “Today.”

  • Create a column of tasks entitled “ To ” adding small jobs and tasks to it. These should be the least important of which can be addressed whenever the opportunity is taken.

  • Create Task column entitled “ Finished” ; so every time you finish a task, you will see the gains you have achieved and you will feel proud of them.

The Kanban method is a technique that helps organize processes, to install SortD in your inbox Gmail can help you cope with the heavy load of emails and make better use of your day.


Gmail transformed into an organized board work
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June 4, 2015

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