Goodbye to the family Pritchett: the creators of ‘Modern Family’ put date at their final


it is Not so common that a series comes to an end at the right time. There are cases in which success accompanies it, and the chain decides to cancel it, but there are also others that are working so well that end up getting burned and saying good bye after several years of showing symptoms more or less clear of exhaustion creative. I am convinced that more than one will agree that ‘Modern Family’ is one of these last and now it’s been confirmed that will come to an end in his tenth season.

Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd, showrunners and creators of the series have announced that this is his plan, so that ‘Modern Family’ would come to an end in the television season 2018/2019. And is that currently airs the ninth season, which has already made it clear that the interest for the same has dropped dramatically: the chapters hover around an average of 6 million viewers when at its best doubled with slack that figure.

Another important detail is that the contracts of its protagonists come to an end in this tenth season, and everything suggests that they will ask another salary increase. It is true that the data that makes the series are still good for ABC, but ‘Modern Family’ has a cast very wide, and the minimum earn some of the younger people already reach $ 100,000 per episode. The rest of the way up.

Levitan has not wanted to be blunt and say that it is impossible for the series to go beyond its tenth season, but has commented that it is unable to imagine that this could happen. In addition, you are already talking about a possible spin-off -although it has not been specified on who-so we will say goodbye to the family Pritchett in general but perhaps not to all its members…

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Goodbye to the family Pritchett: the creators of ‘Modern Family’ put date at their final
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January 15, 2018

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