Google abandons Project Ara and suggests their smartphones Pixel, hand Rick Osterloh

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rumors do not leave the environment Google despite the Mountain View giant fair is not present as such in the IFA Berlin . The truth is that Google is always albeit indirectly, since the news of the Android platform gations like it or not.

signing Rick Osterloh, his hand on restructuring of the hardware division of Google , and many other news we all hope begin to be heard in the corridors as a rumor, probably exacerbated by the dates we live in the midst important fair and right after the summer when Google usually announces new in your catalog devices

Since his arrival as head of the hardware division of Google, few news we had of Rick Osterloh and relevant decisions, perhaps because all landing needs a period of adaptation and after months is time now to go clarifying positions .

Surely some will criticize the Google the Nexus range and its more than possible abandonment for low mark Google , own devices and there will be those who think that Project Ara was something interesting and deserved to reach the market, but really is that either the Google Glass have done and they themselves who received media attention and people in their day.

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First step, homogenize ranges of devices

Smartphones Nexus, tablet Nexus, Nexus Q, Google Home, Android One, Android Wear, Chromebooks, CC, Pixel-C, Google Glass, Project Ara, autonomous cars, and so on . The list of devices Google is endless , some in development and others already commercial, most with partners that help in the hardware part, and others directly designed and manufactured by Google.

Seeing this, no longer seems so far-fetched that Google need to simplify and standardize its range of devices . It makes no sense to launch a convertible tablet Pixel-C under brand while selling Google Nexus tablets, as it makes no sense to launch Android Wear watches and selling along with the Nexus range without frame them in that range.

Perhaps leave a media brand like Google Nexus perhaps more media since the release of the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 derribo- price is not very easy to explain, but with the media potential of Google’s own will not be difficult to make Google Pixel terminal a known brand .

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Google Pixel and Pixel XL, the first of the species?

are still rumors, although it seems that HTC will manufacture two new smartphones from Google , whether new or finally the rumored Nexus Google pixel and pixel XL that would be about to occur in society in the coming weeks.

what is clear is that Google does not directly manufacture their devices nor abandon its traditional specific agreements with partners technology with which to design side by side and make their terminals.

you may trademark change, but it will not strategy and Google will not compete unfairly with major manufacturers of Android platform. In fact, it is said that wants to compete you to you using Android Pure Google to show that the customizations are not necessary, but with some extra dressings in the form of exclusive features that differentiate them from the rest.

So the Sailfish and Marlin HTC would be ready soon to hit the market in Google Play, two -5 and 5.5 inch sizes and premiering the big G on the back no trace of the brand HTC, Nexus thing in itself used to happen. However, the arrival of Google as “manufacturer” of smartphones will not be as traumatic and only responds to a homogenization of the ranges of terminals.

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The market is not ready for Ara Project

Many debates we could open about Project Ara, it is that Google announced with great fanfare working in modular devices inherited from the purchase of Motorola Mobility under the name of Project Ara, and trying to bring to market smartphones that users could build taste with magnetic modules interchangeable.

An interesting idea, certainly, but it seems that the problems around them and market not too prepared for these devices have come to give finiquito , and is that Google could have rendered if we follow the latest rumors.

As our colleague Javier Pastor, Google has thrown the stone and hiding the hand , leaving other manufacturers like LG or Motorola with its own modular bets. However, it is true that modular phones were never entirely modular and the renewal period of a smartphone makes it almost impossible that interests us a rough terminal to switch to a chip for another the following year.

So, seems a thoughtful and reasoned decision that may make sense, is that although surely not be a final farewell, then at least supposed to park the project while it is not found a gap logical market.

Anyway, it’s all rumors and from Google no one has said a word about it, but is the search engine giant is not much given to direct communication with media, so that everything could be confirmed with a simple blog post of Google one of these days. will touch remain vigilant

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Google abandons Project Ara and suggests their smartphones Pixel, hand Rick Osterloh
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September 2, 2016

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