Google alert has been sent by mistake some personal videos to other users

The internet giant Google warned Tuesday that has sent you by error private videos of internet users to other users who are not their owners, but said that the problem affected only 0.01 % of those who used its services during the days in which the error occurred.

According to the company’s Mountain View (California, Usa), a computer worm on your download service of personal data, Google Takeout was responsible for the crash, which took place between the 21 and the 25 of November last year.

During these dates, some internet users who downloaded their personal data through Takeout also received videos that other users had posted on his Google account Photos, is designed to function as a digital repository of videos and photographs.

“We are informing the people about a computer worm that could have affected those who use Google Takeout to export the contents of Google Photos. These users may have received incomplete files, or videos -not pictures – that are not their own”, pointed out since the signing of the internet.

The company that runs Sundar Pichai said that since then have solved the problem and that you have carried out an “analysis in depth” to prevent something like this from happening. “We are sorry that this has happened,” he lamented.

The only number that Google gave was that of the 0.01% of users affected, without specifying absolute numbers how many internet users received videos of others or how many users saw their videos were distributed without their authorization.

company search engine online most used in the world is, next to Facebook, in the spotlight of regulators, and civil rights organizations throughout the world for their handling of the privacy of the users, something that this episode could increase.

The business of both companies is based on collect as much data as possible on the internet users to then provide advertising spaces to the advertisers as specific and detailed as possible, what constitutes a permanent source of conflict between the protection of information and the major source of income of the company.

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Google alert has been sent by mistake some personal videos to other users
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February 4, 2020

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