Google Allo and Duo change their icons, preparing for launch


In Google I / Or last May Google introduced us no one but two new apps communication: Google Allo and Google Duo . Allo focuses on a wizard that adds information to the conversation and even answers for you, while Duo arguably the FaceTime Google: Video calls simple

Google and Google Allo Duo are scheduled to be released to the public “ summer “, although they are from the day it was announced on Google Play como prior registration : that is, you check in and receive a notice when available. We do not know when that will be, but what we do know is that Google just change your icons (again), which may be an indication that the launch is near.

Do not just found the perfect combination

If we have internal versions of both applications fueron filtered-and with virtually can not do anything- this redesign is the fourth icon to Allo and the third for Duo. Given that it is an application that is not even available this figure is quite impressive.

Google does not seem very sure about what color you want it critical for every application. While initially Allo bet on red and Duo by blue, with the last redesign both applications opt for the blue , a color in the world of messaging shares the spotlight in Facebook Messenger, the application itself Google and Skype messages, to name a few.

will this be the last redesign of your icons? Will we soon test these applications? Will they be successful o failure? Hopefully, we will have answers to these questions very soon

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Engadget Android | Google, please stop creating more messaging applications

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Google Allo and Duo change their icons, preparing for launch
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June 20, 2016

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