Google contacts 3.2 adds the long-awaited dark mode [APK]

Google Contacts 3.2 adds the long-awaited dark mode [APK]

Recently, Google has discovered that the dark mode saves battery and despite years of apathy on the matter, said dark mode is spreading slowly with their applications. The latest in obtaining it is Google Contacts.

After the renovation with Material by Google version 3.0, something that had been omitted was the dark mode. Now comes with the version 3.2, available in Google Play in the next few hours and also from your APK.

The night comes to contacts

To enable the dark mode, first make sure you have the latest version installed. Then open the side menu and it should show up the option to Enable dark theme, below the list of tags and just before the Adjustments.

I do not see the option in the beginning, so I erased the cache and data of the application and open it again there it was, so that is something that you can try, if you don’t see the new item in the menu.


For the rest, is a dark mode and normal power, similar to that which Google has introduced on YouTube, Mensajes or Teléfono. It is not totally black-so little battery spends with AMOLED, but rather dark gray, and applies to absolutely all elements of the interface and settings.


After it came to Phone and Messages, it was obvious that I had to get to the Contacts application. It seems that Google has decided to add the dark mode to all your apps, and more now finally begin to embrace the idea that the dark mode consumes less battery.



Via | Android Police

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Google contacts 3.2 adds the long-awaited dark mode [APK]
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November 13, 2018

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