Google Duo adds filters and effects to the video messages

Google Duo adds filters and effects to video messages

Google will gradually introducing improvements in its simple implementation of video calling Google Duo, as the mode, low light or group video. The last one is a bit less productive: they arrive the effects and filters to video messaging.

the latest version of The Google Duo to Android is activating for some users the effects and filters. There are six special effects and masks that adapt to your face and seven filters type Instagram.

Filters, but not in a video call

Google Duo arrives a little late to the party of effects and filters, that have already flooded almost any application with video that is worth his salt as Snapchat, Messenger, Facebook or Instagram. It also makes interestingly by applying such filters and effects only on the video messages and not to make video calls in real time, as it in the competition.

To use these filters, you only need to touch the button Effects or Filters, which is shown in the right part of the screen during the recording of a video message. Each menu opens its own effect selector at the bottom of the window.

there are Not many effects for the moment, a total of about a dozen.


as to the effects, there is a little bit of everything. From locating your face in a frame or a window into hearts and letters that come out of the back of your head, a cat with glasses and a medusa. The filters are the typical color filter with light leakage you’d expect from Instagram, or an app such as Pixlr.

If you want to try these filters, you will need the latest version of the Google Duo, the version 63 or higher. There is not APK, but you will find it on Google Play. However, these effects are activated from the server part, so it is possible that even with the latest version still will not appear.

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Google Duo adds filters and effects to the video messages
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October 1, 2019

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