Google Earth creates a funny trivial about christmas traditions in the world

As is the case with the friendly doodle of thematic and interactive, to Google we love to play and entertain through initiatives such curious through its various aspects. On the occasion of the christmas context, Google Earth has created a classic trivial focused on the traditions of these dates so special in different parts of the world, a hobby that challenges the user to demonstrate their knowledge.The trivial is made up of nine questions:1. What british queen popularized Christmas trees in England? (possible answers: A. Mary / B. Victoria / C. Elizabeth II)2. Where is celebrated the Festival Dongzhi during the winter solstice?(A. / Russia B. China / C. Japan)3. What city do you install the ‘menorah’ (‘chandelier’ in Hebrew) the world’s biggest Hanukkah?(A.-Tel Aviv / B. Montreal / C. New York city)4. In what country are worn by the children of ‘Lucia’ in Christmas?(A. Turkey B. Sweden / C. Spain)5. What country celebrates first the arrival of the new year?(A. India / B. Japan / C. Kiribati)6. According to tradition, what is leaving San Nicolas on the shoes to the children that do well in Germany?(A. Fireworks / B. Socks and candles / C. nuts, oranges and gingerbread)7. How many people stop every hour in front of the world-famous window displays at christmas the department stores macy’s?(A. 1.000 / B. 10.000 / C. 100.000)8. Where is represented for the first time the Russian ballet ‘Nutcracker’?(A. Maryinsky Theater / B. Sydney Opera house / C. Teatro alla Scala)9. What country broke the record of father Christmas surfing at the same time?(A. Australia / B. Brazil C. Antarctica)Each answer is accompanied by the corresponding notice of correct (“Well done!”, “Congratulations!”) or incorrect (“Almost!”) and leads to a visual tour of the place to which it refers in question. at The end leaves the score achieved and the range related (Rudolf, gingerbread, Nutcracker, etc)on the other hand, from the ‘sufganiá’ to the ‘hoppin’ John’, Google Earth is also invited to tour the world through the typical dishes of christmas.
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Google Earth creates a funny trivial about christmas traditions in the world
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December 17, 2019

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