Google explains the 16 reasons by which to publish applications and games on the format Android App Bundle

Google explains 16 reasons by which to publish applications and games on the format Android App Bundle

last year, Google improved the distribution of applications and games with the new modular format called Android App Bundle. is applications began to occupy less size thanks to its modular installation, creating an APK with the resources specific to the configuration of our device.

In all this time are more than 100,000 applications that have been past to the new format, and Google now gives a major boost to the format Android App Bundle to roll out new benefits and explaining to the developers the 16 reasons why you must go for modular applications:

All the advantages of Android App Bundle

  1. The main advantage of Android App Bundle is the size reduction of the applications and games. Media application sees reduced its size by 20% in comparison with a APK universal. Saving size makes the facilities to be increased in 11% of facilities and in less uninstallations, since the problem of the size of the application disappears.

  2. Thanks to the modular applications Google Play you can customize your application in an efficient way for each device. This means that the applications are downloaded and installed faster.

  3. developers can launch more quickly your applications and updates, as you do not have to launch multiple APK. Google Play is the one that creates the APK-specific according to the configuration of the device.

  4. Android App Bundle offers developers a guide to additional reporting and optimization in the Play Console, that option is not available with the APK.

  5. The modular applications allow you to add the new requirement of 64-bit without significantly increasing the size of the application. Google Play will deliver up the native code is appropriate for each device.

  6. Comes built-in the library Play Core, so that applications can ask and you perform an update without the user to exit the application.

  1. The games will be able to download up to 1 GB of additional files with respect to a APK to improve the player experience.

  2. The games will also be able to download up to 150 MB in size compressed download preventing files expansion. The applications and games published on APK can only download up to 100 MB size download compressed.

  3. With Android App Bundle developers will be able to launch the version of its instant play, allowing players to try before your game without having to install it before.

  4. developers can reduce the times of development designing, building, and testing functions such as function modules, dynamic independent.

  5. compile times are faster from a modular application. The monolithic applications are slower to build.

  6. The modular applications will now also are adapted to the functions of the device, as the capabilities of AR or VR, or, depending on the country of the user, so that the APK generated adds the supported functions for the device.

  7. applications can install features on demand as necessary during the installation, or to uninstall features that are not necessary anymore.

  8. Android App Bundle protects the developer against loss of keys. Now you will be able to log on and confirm your identity with Google and obtain a new key load. With a APK normal, if you lose your key signature will not be able to recover it and you would not be able to update your application.

  9. You can update a key is weak or compromised, a new key. So applications can request a key that is cryptographically more robust.

  10. finally, the last reason given by Google is that the Android App Bundle is the future, as more tools to improve the distribution of applications and game are on the way.

Via | Google Play Dev

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Google explains the 16 reasons by which to publish applications and games on the format Android App Bundle
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June 24, 2019

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