Google has another Chromebook, really needed these devices?

Yesterday Google had the new Acer Chromebook. This is the sixth of this family. Yes , is the Acer Chromebook C7 6 and, given its characteristics, do not extrañaréis article title. Come to the heart.

For those unfamiliar with the world Chromebook , two years ago Google announced its Chrome OS operating system with the idea of ​​ operate entirely in the cloud, but later had to reduce the presence of the cloud on their laptops. Edit with Google Docs (now Google Drive), Gmail email, Google Music, Chrome browser … At the time seemed a strange idea. Today rather bizarre, since the tablets becoming increasingly cover those functions.

Come to the new child brings Google:
Intel Core (no details yet)

100 GB free



Not look bad, until we got to the battery. Google talk battery well above a simple phrase about 3.5 hours of battery life . No, not a mistake writing. Have you gone mad Google? Probably it is rather an attempt to get a Chromebook cheap for those who need a little computer and unplug barely. If you check imagination can be used as a media center (with HDMI output), and I encourage you find other uses and may tell us in the comments.

Chrome OS, Android and laptops

We mentioned earlier that maybe Google points to a link between Android and Chromium OS (operating system based on Chrome). Originally it was based only on Chrome browser and has moved closer to his brother to be adding touch control, apps, windows … The question is, what does Chrome OS to offer Android? Those who have used a dock as he usually does Asus Transformer series and we know that Android tablets with a keyboard more than acceptable to write and some of the shortcuts that are used in our computers. If we add that Drive is restated and the year we will have Office , what is left?

The gonote, an example of portable Android, more info in the article here.

hereby improve, improve and improve. The Chrome Web browsing tablet has much to envy to the desktop (which itself could take on Chrome OS) and text editors less common as computer code or LaTex, multitasking (add serial split screen of the Note 10.1), peripheral connections and last but not least important, the space . As much as Google insists that we use cloud services, many still need more than 32GB if we take “the big step”.

Although the issue is easily solved space, hard drives in the dock and / or reports telling us prepare Samsung on the part of the tablet, most programs would miss at fault not depend on Google . So the Mountain View have many which motivate developers to make the change worthwhile. But they have to motivate themselves (or maybe more) to make the jump to Chrome OS is planteable.

So while we see these two SO been much development, do not fail to comment on the C7, the Chromebook, Android …

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Google has another Chromebook, really needed these devices?
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